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Artis worktops buying guide


When it comes to designing your own home there is no room for mistakes. This article will guide you through the Artis laminate worktop collection, guaranteeing that you’ll make the perfect choice.  Artis’ affordable, fashionable and quality laminate worktops will transform your living and working spaces into well-designed havens.


Artis has been providing a large range of laminate worktops for many years. As a market leader, Artis’ products are honed to be as stylish and functional as possible. By using the most up-to-date technology, Artis ensures that their exclusive finishes and special effects create the ideal worktop for your space.

Some other benefits of Artis worktops include:

  • The availability of affordable reproductions of authentic material such as quartz, stone, glass and solid wood.
  • The 180fx laminate designs are the same size shown in the examples and the worktops can be purchased ‘straight from the shelf’ for easy installation.
  • A variety of fashionable colours and sizes.
  • The benefit of the trusted Artis’ brand that offers worktops of leading quality, reliability and long lasting performance.


What textures are available in the Artis worktop range?

Artis laminate worktops come in a variety of different textures. No matter what you envisage, you’re sure to find something that unites perfectly with your ideal decor. Here are some of the most popular products available from the collection:

Artis worktops
Artis offer a range of unique and stylish laminate worktops.


Burnish is the popular minimalist alternative right now, that allows your space to become a sumptuous sanctuary. Using a light gloss, Burnish is designed to perfectly intermingle with stone surfaces, reflecting and refracting light in a elegant and subtle manner. This texture is the perfect choice for creating a home where you can relax and unwind, away from the busy working world.


This beautiful surface works very well when used in stone reproduction decors. Appealing both to the eye and to the touch, it wouldn’t be hard for you to believe that the Crystal texture was a natural stone surface. Designed with a combination of incredibly gorgeous shades and tones, this surface provides you with a beautifully luxurious and sophisticated tabletop.


This texture perfectly taps into the natural tones found in our environment. If you’re looking for something that looks authentic, elegant and modern, Granite is the texture for you.


No need to be coy, we advise you to bask to your heart’s content in this lovely and sumptuous design. Wood and stone, the two pillars of desirable interior design, are very much back in demand, however being both rather expensive and impractical, the fantastic visual qualities of these natural materials can be easily found in the Artis collection. The Silkwood design is a perfect example of combining the classical beauty of wood with technological expertise.


Not only is the gloss finish of this style fashionable, the Enhanced High Gloss is equipped with improved abrasion resistance, intertwining both style and the enhanced-performance gloss finish.  This is a classic texture offering a chic and clean appearance to your worktops.

What are the most popular textures and why are they popular?

There have been many fluctuations in design trends for laminates in the past years, however one constant is the frequent returns in popularity of authentic materials. Stone, wood and other natural materials are constantly coming back into fashion and demand. Natural grains and textures that resemble natural stone are the most popular; as there is a growing trend for laminate surfaces to look like granite or solid wood.  Artis’ granite design is a particular hot favourite with customers at the moment, mirroring this trend for the authentic look.

Artis dolce vita burnish worktop
The Artis Dolce Vita Burnish laminate worktop gives the appearance of natural materials.

The affordability and practicality of a worktop is also a motivation when it comes to choosing your ideal design. The Bohemian Chrome,  also offered in the collection, has become very popular with customers for these reasons, and is one texture you can really rely on to get the job done. Bohemian Chrome is super modern, practical and good-looking. This look is very popular with our customers and is perfect for more contemporary kitchens.

Artis is always creating and improving worktops which reach these 3 standards: authenticity, value for money and the latest technological advances. Through Artis’s versatile worktop range, ideal living spaces and satisfied customers are on the rise!


What sizes are available in the Artis worktops range?

Proportion is very important when it comes to designing your living space. Artis worktops are available in a large range of different sizes. These worktops vary  from 1.8m, 2m, 3m, 3.6m and 4.1m lengths and all have a 600mm width. Artis also offers a 28mm thickness, which is the slimmest available in the collection. Slim worktops are currently very stylish as they offer a very slick and professional look which can be layered for more effect.


Making a kitchen the hub of the home is about more than just worktops of course. However there is a lot you can do to tailor your workspace to your needs with some of the fantastic accessories that Artis offers. To get your kitchen perfect, you can accessorise with upstands, splashbacks and breakfast bars, each matched in colour and style to your worktops.

All of these products  can help to make your kitchen a vibrant gathering place for your family and guests. Breakfasts bars are, in particular, very popular, with customers realising how this accessory really creates a social space that brings couples together, children and parents together and creates family solidarity in the heart of the home.

Follow this refreshing trend, you can’t go far wrong with a breakfast bar and splashback. Whether you’re going for a stylish and modern look or a more rustic one, a splashback offers possibilities for the continuation of sleek lines and patterns, or bold natural materials to create an authentic look.


What colours are available with Artis worktops?

Colour is such an important aspect of designing a home. Whatever you’re looking for, Artis can help you jazz up your kitchen with a large spectrum of exciting rich colours or create calm space with gentler, natural colours.

Artis is championing neutral colours that are extremely popular at moment. People are drawn to these softer tones that complement natural surroundings and help to create calm environments,  away from hectic 21st century life.

White and grey colours are getting a lot of attention at the moment because they really make spaces look more natural and also cleaner. These colours also mix together very nicely with kitchen fittings, such as kitchen cabinets, creating a relaxed atmosphere in your space.

What are the benefits of choosing an Artis worktop?

The Artis brand is totally unique. It has a long history as a trusted and quality manufacturer of laminate worktops, specialising in their field. Artis has always focused specifically on worktop laminates, avoiding branching into other areas. When you buy from Artis you can be sure that you’ll be getting a well-crafted worktop that is synonymous with quality and style.

Modern or classic, subtle or colourful, when it comes to design and current trends, Artis is at the forefront of all that is in vogue. From slim line, quality worktops to neutral and natural colours, you can be sure that your worktops and kitchen will come together to be the centrepiece of your home.

As ever, the quality of craftsmanship is always present in an Artis worktop. They are manufactured to be easy to clean, are both moisture and heat resistant to BS/EN 204 and have a post formed edge that prevents liquid from running off the worktop into drawers and cupboards underneath. This makes them functional as well as beautiful. Choosing a Artis laminate worktop ensures absolute satisfaction and will allow you to create a living space to be proud of.

Shop our range of Artis laminate worktops today.

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Artis worktops buying guide
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