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Axiom laminate worktops buying guide

We are leading Axiom laminate worktops stockists and suppliers, with a large range of their laminate worktops available, to suit every style and budget. This guide aims to provide you with all the information you need on our full Axiom range, including colours, textures and sizes, in order to help you make an informed purchase.

Who are Axiom?

Axiom laminate kitchen worktops
Axiom laminate kitchen worktops come in a range of sizes, colours and designs.

Axiom is part of the Formica Group, one of the world’s leading providers and manufacturers of surfacing solutions and laminate worktops. Established for over a century, the Formica Group is a trusted industry brand renowned for its affordable, high quality products.

Axiom® by Formica Group is the company’s flagship worktop range offering a diverse collection of worktops, breakfast bars and product accessories. They pride themselves on state-of-the-art products that embrace contemporary design and architectural trends.

What are the benefits of choosing Axiom laminate worktops?

  • You are getting a product of the highest quality, as well as a lifetime guarantee from a trusted product line that is part of the world-renowned Formica Group.
  • As specialists in laminate worktops and experts in their field, Axiom consistently conduct research in order to produce cutting edge, innovative products which are beautiful to look at and easy to maintain.
  • A wide range of textures, colours and sizes are available for all products to suit both current trends and a timeless design style.
  • As an eco-friendly kitchen brand, Axiom uses environmentally sound, raw materials from high quality sources.
  • All worktops are made in Britain and delivered safely and efficiently with shrink-wrapping. Every package includes detailed instructions for easy set-up and maintenance.
  • Every product is made for durability and affordability with High Pressure Laminate and surfaces resistant to moisture and heat.

What textures are available in the Axiom laminate worktop range?

Axiom’s laminate worktops come in a variety of different textures. This year has seen the growing popularity of both raw, original worktops and those with a more engineered appearance.

More and more people are seeking to recreate the appearance of natural stone with a granite or solid wood appearance using natural grains and precision-engineered surfacing. This look can be achieved easily with our Lustre, Matte-58 and Etchings textures.

We have plenty more choice in our full range, with the most popular textures including:

  • Crystal: Crystal is the ideal texture for those who love luxury, glamour and the finer things in life. It has an intricate pattern, soft shine and chic, refined feel that works best with a classic kitchen design.
  • Etchings: If you prefer a rustic, vintage-style worktop, then Etchings is the perfect choice. Its granite appearance is enhanced by a subtle shine for traditional style with a twist. Choose from chocolate brown, black, soft beige or natural shades to best complement your design pattern.
  • Gloss: Gloss is the best texture for those who prefer a clean, simple style but still wish to add the wow factor to their kitchen aesthetic. Understated and cost-friendly, the range includes earthy tones with Crisp White, Black Storm and Butterum Granite. Gloss gives a smart finish to stone, wood or plain colours.
  • Honed: The Honed texture is a solid choice that will suit a high-functioning kitchen and busy family space. Its matte stone appearance comes in Basalt Slate, Breccia Marrone or Breccia Pacifica to create a calm aesthetic. A versatile choice, Honed will suit both olde-worlde style kitchens and more contemporary designs.
  • Lustre: Fresh, bright and unassuming, the Lustre texture has a stylish effect that will blend seamlessly into a modern or vintage design scheme. Its neat appearance has a touch of sparkle, thanks to the translucent style replicating the effect of quartz particles within natural stone.
  • Matte-58: Slick and ultra-contemporary, the Matte-58 texture conveys a natural appearance from a design inspired by engineered stones. It will bring a professional, balanced feel to your kitchen with an eclectic choice of black, dark grey, light grey, white, cream and beech shades on offer.
  • Scovato: For those who wish to have a worktop that really stands out, the Scovato is ideal. This stunning texture conveys an ethereal ambience and is a popular choice for young families. This low-maintenance texture comes in Black Sequoia, Slate Sequoia or Authentic Formwood to complement any style or colour scheme.

What sizes are available in the Axiom laminate worktop range?

While the trend for kitchen worktops in recent years seems to have been ‘the thicker, the better’, worktops in 2016 have gone slimline. This year it’s all about a clean, unfussy design aesthetic.

You can mix it up with a thicker top – our worktops are 40mm thick as per the industry standard – or keep every worktop slimline for a smooth appearance. We recommend Artis’ range or Bushboard’s Omega, Odyssey and Prima ranges, as these worktops are just 28mm thick. This meets increasing customer demand for uninterrupted design flow and smooth vertical-horizontal visuals, often accompanied by splashbacks and waterfall sides.

All Axiom worktops are available in lengths of 1.8m, 2m, 3m, 3.05m, 3.6m or 4.1m and measure 600mm wide.

What accessories are available with the Axiom laminate worktop range?

Axiom also have a range of upstands, splashbacks and breakfast bars available to complement the design and colour of your chosen worktop. This fulfils another 2016 kitchen trend to match your splashback to your worktop for a fluid effect.

Axiom Thai Beamwood Worktop
Axiom Thai Beamwood and Crisp White Worktops

Glass remains the most popular splashback option, along with bold, gloss colours to create a strong impact. In line with this trend, Axiom will soon be introducing a new range including bright red, purple, green and yellow accents.

Other trends making their mark in 2016 include geometric patterning and porcelain tiled splashback sheets as a cost-effective alternative to marble or wood. This year has also seen a rising trend for feature splashbacks and adventurous customisation. Axiom’s Chalk Black feature splashback doubles up as blackboard so the kids can doodle in chalk to their heart’s content. Axiom’s brushed aluminium effect splashback will also catch the eye.

Breakfast bars have also become increasingly popular in the contemporary kitchen environment. This is juxtaposed with shifting views of the kitchen as not just a place for preparing meals, but also a comfortable, relaxed space where the family can gather and spend quality time together.

What colours are available in the Axiom laminate worktop range?

Axiom are at the cutting-edge of the trend for neutral colours, which goes hand in hand with the trend for streamlined worktops and a clean design.

The worktops provide the perfect complement to a kitchen cabinet in neutral hues for the natural appearance that is popular for 2016.

Whites and greys are particularly on trend this year for both their visual appearance and their durability. White quartz is a reliable, high quality option that is easy to maintain and meets the growing demand for tactile surfaces. It also complements the current trend for industrial-style kitchens.

Axiom have a wide variety of colours available, including black, brown, grey, white, natural wood colours and natural stone colours.

Axiom platinum black laminate worktop
Deliciously dark, the Axiom platinum black laminate worktop is a great choice for contemporary kitchens.

The black worktops include the very popular Avalon Granite Black and Black Fleck, which are available in a variety of textures.i

If you are looking for something in a trendy white or grey, Axiom’s Imperial White, Paloma White and Paloma Light & Dark Grey worktops are perfect choices.

Axiom’s Bali Wood, Walnut Butcher Block and Swedish Oak worktops are ideal for those of you looking to replicate the look of natural wood with your laminate, something that is on trend at the moment.

If you want to replicate the look of natural stone then you should consider Axiom’s Travertine, Butterum Granite, Cappucino Stone, Basalt Slate or Kerala Granite worktops as they all give you the look of stone worktops for a fraction of the price.

We hope this guide has answered your questions and helped you choose to buy an Axiom kitchen worktop.

If you’re still unsure, don’t forget to have a look at our other buying guides. If you would like a little more information, simply give us a call and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

Shop the Axiom laminate worktops range today.

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Axiom laminate worktops buying guide
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