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Kitchens are a busy room of the house. They need to withstand the daily wear and tear of domestic life. Every kitchen has an individual character. Some prefer their kitchens to be modern with low-maintenance cleaning, while others want to invoke traditional rustic charm. Whatever your design scheme in the kitchen, worktops are an essential ingredient to capturing that style. They need to complement your cabinets and accessories as well as endure daily life at the hub of your kitchen.

Here at HCSupplies, we think choosing the right worktop is a combination of form and function. We want to make sure you make the best choice. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to choose a cream kitchen worktop.

Choosing your cream kitchen worktop

The current fashion in a kitchen design scheme is for neutral tones. It reflects the consumer’s desires for a muted palette on which to make their mark. Monochrome colours allow homeowners to accessorise with their choice of colour. This makes great financial sense as you can update the look of your kitchen without spending a fortune on a new refit.

Cream worktops are growing more popular as people opt for warmer tones than white or grey. Cream is also an excellent choice for smaller kitchens as the colour reflects the light making the space appear larger.

Another rising trend is the desire to create a nautical style kitchen. Cream can be paired with natural wood and navy accents to add coastal chic.

Cream kitchen worktops
Cream kitchen worktops can soften the look of your overall design.

A cream worktop gives a kitchen an extra dimension and, when matched with contrasting cabinets, can really make a statement in any home.

This summer is all about updating your kitchen with pastel shades on the walls. Cream worktops will complement this look. Again, pairing this with natural wood will make the space seem much warmer. This means your summer season look will extend into the winter too.

Also on-trend is the retro look which suits cream worktops perfectly. Whether you are looking to recreate 1950s kitsch with Bakelite accessories or a seventies theme, cream will complement your choice.

Cream worktops are also an easy way to achieve a much more traditional or vintage design. This classic colour works well to bring a shabby chic kitchen to life.


We supply cream worktops in a wide range of materials, with man made finishes such as laminate and acrylic, as well as natural materials like quartz and granite. We can also offer an engineered solution with our Earthstone range; bridging the gap between granite and laminate, this highly durable worktop has a natural finish.

Our cream laminate worktops are manufactured by top quality brands such as WilsonArt, Artis, Axiom, Duropal, Prima and Apollo. Laminate offers a low cost solution which is easy to install and can be cut and finished to suit any size or shape.

Quartz worktops are always popular because of their hard wearing properties, as well as being both water and stain proof. They are a solid surface with a natural yet individual finish. We supply cream worktops from Zodiaq, Apollo Quartz and Silestone.

Acrylic offers a very modern finish, is a hygienic surface to work on and is impervious to water. We supply cream worktops from Apollo Magna and Apollo Slab Tech as well as Corian, Encore and Mistral.

Finally, we can also supply cream worktops in hardwearing granite as well as Earthstone.


All of our cream worktops offer a different variety of textures and can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen design. On-trend at the moment are natural finishes. Finishes such as wood can soften lines in the kitchen as well as bringing warmth. Stone surfaces like quartz and granite can add both a contemporary feel or enhance the traditional features of your cabinet styling. All our stone worktops have been polished to bring out the natural texture but our Solid Surface and Rustica lines accentuate this feature.

Apollo Magna Cream Worktop
The Apollo Magna Cream Worktop will give your kitchen a sophisticated look and feel.

Granite is a porous material and will need regular sealing to ensure that it stands the test of time. Sealing prevents moisture from getting into the stone and is essential to stop the growth of bacteria. Sealing also prevents stains from building up. Under sealing, granite gives a hard, smooth and cool surface. The natural finish of each piece of granite is unique.

Laminate finishes offer a stylised feel which can replicate these natural designs. Ranges such as Granit, Lustre, Matte-58, Etchings and Roche all give off the look of natural stone. Laminate surfaces that evoke the feel of wood and marble are also available in our ranges. Easy to install and a cost effective alternative to solid surfaces, laminate is a durable way to inject a stylish new worktop to your kitchen.

Our cream acrylic worktops are a much bolder colour and have a uniform texture. They offer a good stain resistance and are 100% waterproof. However, as with all surfaces, care must be taken to avoid scratches and chips. This will prolong the life of your worktop and, with light coloured surfaces like cream, will ensure they remain stain free.


The industry standard for worktops is 650mm in width at a thickness of 38mm. However, we also supply cream worktops in a variety of widths and thicknesses as well as lengths. Our standard lengths are 1.8m, 2m, 3m, 3.6m and 4.1m.

Your choice of thickness will vary depending on the style you are looking to achieve. We offer chunky worktops as well as the highly fashionable slimline surfaces. With advances in technology able to afford strength in thinner worktops we have seen an increase in demand for 20mm thick kitchen work tops. These thin surfaces are very much in vogue and offer an ultra-modern feel.


Your cream worktop can be accessorised with a range of matching or contrasting choices. We supply a wide variety of upstands, splashbacks and breakfast bars so you can make your kitchen truly bespoke. Our range can complement your worktop to add on-trend uniformity or offer an opportunity to get creative.

Designers are using accessories to create bold statements in the kitchen. Choosing a contrasting splashback to your cream worktop can really elevate the room from ordinary to spectacular. Axiom will shortly be introducing a new range of splashbacks in glossy, bold and bright colours such as bright red, purple, green and yellow.

Breakfast bars are not only a stylish element to incorporate into your design but are a very useful space for extra seating and workspace. They can be incorporated into a traditional or contemporary kitchen design and remain very fashionable.

In addition to your cream worktops, you can also get matching upstands, splashbacks and breakfast bars, each matched in colour and style to your worktops for uniformity.

All our worktops can be finished with variety of edge detailing. You can choose from traditional styles to plain modern edges. Your choice can radically alter the appearance of your worktops and, again, enhance the overall design.

What are the benefits of choosing a cream worktop? 

Neutral colours are very on-trend at the moment and the extra warmth offered by cream worktops will prevent your overall kitchen colour scheme from being too stark. Available in various finishes, cream can be incorporated into both traditional, retro and modern designs.

Cream is a light colour and can maximise the amount of light in the room. Combined with contrasting or complementary accessories cream worktops can make a radical difference to the appearance of your kitchen. Simply refreshing your worktops are a simple and cost effective way to alter the style.

Shop our range of cream kitchen worktops today.

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Cream kitchen worktops buying guide
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