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Laminate worktops buying guide

When you’re buying any new piece of furniture it’s important to ensure you make the right choices, making it an often daunting task. There are a variety of factors that will determine the choice you make, but researching them all can be tiresome. This useful buying guide does that hard work for you and gives you all of the information you need to make an informed decisions when it comes to buying a laminate worktop.


What brands do we stock and why are they important?

We always make sure we stock a range of top quality brands for our customers, giving you the freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs. We stock laminate worktops from Artis, Axiom, Duropal, Odyssey, Omega, Prima, Tandem, Nuance and that you can get to know a bit about each one, we’ve given each of them the low down:

Artis is an industry leader in the manufacture of laminate worktops in various styles and colours, finishes and effects. They pride themselves on supplying innovative and stylish designs with a range of finishes and options available across splashbacks, worktops and upstands.

Laminate Kitchen Worktops
One of the most durable, fashionable and inexpensive materials. Order your laminate kitchen worktop direct from HCSupplies.

Axiom is part of the Formica Group, a well established name in the laminate worktop industry. The brand is synonymous with quality and gives customers the confidence in their purchase typical of such a prestigious brand. With a proud history spanning over 100 years, there aren’t many companies that have been at the forefront of innovation for as long as the Formica Group.

Duropal is another brand with a well-established history, spanning over the last five decades and beyond. They are well deserved of the title of one of the world leaders in the manufacture of laminate worktops. Duropal is known for the consistent quality of their work in all areas.

Odyssey, Omega, Nuance and Prima are all laminate worktops manufactured by Bushboard, who are at the top of their game in the industry. When it comes to kitchen and bathroom worktops, Bushboard know their stuff better than almost anyone. Their ranges are available in various styles and colours, finishes and effects. They are one the leading independent manufacturers of work surfaces and across their brands they have a products that are suited to all tastes and budgets. They’re passionate about their ethical approach and use on the most cutting-edge technologies to make their work surfaces.


What textures are included in our range of laminate worktops?

Our laminate worktops come in a variety of different textures, the most popular being:

  • Gloss (available with Artis, Axiom, Duropal, Odyssey, Nuance, Omega, Tandem and WilsonArt): The original and an all-time great for a reason; the gloss finish is simple and effective in almost any situation. It’s effortlessly hygienic and will give a sheen that brings ambience to any colour scheme you choose.
  • Surf (available with Odyssey and Omega): Surf is another timeless classic, working well with a number of colours, but particularly well when offset with blacks and darker colours.
  • Crystal (available with Artis, Axiom and Prima): Crystal brings all the charm of a real stone finish without any of the hassle. It works well with sleek designs, with a touch that is as smooth as it looks.
  • Matte-58 (available with Axiom and Prima): Matte finishes have always looked good, and Matte-58 is no exception. Sumptuous to the touch with a muted elegance, this is a popular choice paired with natural colours for good reason.
  • Radiance (available with Prima and Nuance): As the name suggests, this texture will really bring your worktop to life. With the right colour choice you can create a fantastic ambience with this texture.
  • Crystal Stone (exclusive to Duropal) is very popular right now, as the trend for natural stone effect worktops continues. This texture has everything that looks right with a stone finish, but with the durability and hygiene to go with it.
  • Top Face (exclusive to Duropal): Another classic, Top Face works fantastically well with neutral colours and doesn’t collect fingerprints like a lot of other surfaces.
  • Burnish (exclusive to Artis): This is a luxurious texture that is as equally eye-catching as it is elegant. Its faint gloss gives it a certain depth that works well with neutral colours.
  • Matt (available with Tandem and WilsonArt): The subtle grain of this finish lends itself to both wood and stone textures, with a smooth look and feel.
  • Etchings (available with Axiom, Nuance and Prima) With both a faint sparkle and a vague gloss, the Etchings texture looks good in a variety of darker colours and really looks classy.

What are the most popular textures and why are they popular?

The trend right now is for natural looking (and feeling) textures. These are most often wood and stone (granite is very popular, it looks stunning). There is a real popularity with rustic-looking kitchens, a hearth-and-flagstones vibe that is often complemented with natural colours when it comes to work surfaces. The Matte-58, Etchings and Crystal Stone finishes are all very popular as they perfectly capture this vibe and style. With these finishes you get all the aesthetically pleasing features of natural wood or stone, but with the convenience and benefits of laminate.


What sizes are available in our laminate worktops?

Laminate kitchen worktop
Laminate worktops come in a wide range of lengths, widths and thickness, to suit your needs.

The laminate worktops are available in 1.8m, 2m, 3m, 3.05m, 3.6m and 4.1m lengths. They are available in 600mm widths, which is the industry standard, as well as 650mm widths, with and without curved edges. With such a wide variety of choice, you can be sure to find the perfect size to fit your design; no more worrying about joins showing, or having too little or too much material to work with.

You’ll also find that our laminate worktops are available in a variety of different thicknesses to suit all tastes, including industry standard 38mm/40mm as well as 28mm, 30mm, and 50mm. If you’re on-trend and going for a sleek design with a minimalist feel, Artis, Odyssey, Omega and Prima offer slimline worktops measuring only 28mm in thickness, meaning you can capture the current fashion for slim designs and flowing lines across worktops, breakfast bars and splashbacks.


What accessories can you get with your laminate worktop?

A kitchen is not just a place where food is prepared any more. If designed correctly it can be the social hub of the house where guests and family congregate, invited by the ambience that a solid ensemble of design and accessories can accomplish. There are some key components that help. In addition to your laminate worktops, you can also get matching upstands, splashbacks and breakfast bars, each matched in colour and style to your worktop, meaning you can get a consistent design across surfaces. Current designs often use this consistency to get designs that really have the wow factor; a single grain or texture that continues along the worktops of breakfast bar and up, unbroken, across the splashback, as if the entire surface was hewn from a single piece of material.

A breakfast bar is the perfect way to get a chilled-out vibe in a kitchen. It offers everything that’s comforting about home; it can be a place to sit and snack while the world keeps busying, or a place to sit and have a coffee and a chat. It’s the perfect addition to any kitchen space.

One of the emerging trends in more post-modern designs is to have worktop surfaces broken up with a flash of bright colour from a splashback. This technique can really bring a space to life and make it a vibrant and enjoyable place to spend time in. Axiom will soon be able to bring such an option with their range of splashbacks in bright, bold colours. Axiom also offer two novel and exciting worktops: the cool brushed aluminium effect splashback and the brilliant Chalk Black splashback which can be drawn on like a chalkboard, making it both a novel way to make your kitchen child-friendly, or a way to create a rustic feel in the kitchen.

Our laminate worktops are available with a variety of edges and profiles, which means that you can create the perfect look for your design. Whether you’re looking for bigger profiles to give a more natural look, or one that gives the appearance of a ‘slab cut’ look, your options are plentiful. Slimmer profiles will give thinner more refined lines that work well for those with minimalistic tastes, while those looking for the rustic farmhouse kitchen look will do well to choose a thicker profile.

A current big-seller is the Artis Bohemian Chrome edging, which gives a dual edge and a striking finish. The two tones mean that the surface can complement both the appliances and accessories as well as the rest of the furniture in the kitchen. The technology used in this design makes it new, novel and sought after.


What colour laminate worktops are available?

We have a wide variety of colours available in laminate, including:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • White
  • Cream
  • Natural Wood
  • Natural Stone Effect

If you’re trying to figure out what will work well or what’s currently in vogue worry not. Right now neutral colours such as white, grey and cream are popular with the sleek and slimline designs. They give a clean a muted feel without looking sterile. You’ll be amazed how welcoming it can look with such simple colours.

Axiom platinum black laminate worktop
Dark and delightful, the Axiom platinum black laminate worktop will give your kitchen a real contemporary edge.

The other main trend is for colours and finishes inspired by nature; stones and woods in blacks, browns and natural wood and stone colours make it entirely possible to create a pastoral feel with all the mod cons. Many of the brands we have available are at the forefront of the neutral and natural colours so you can be sure you’ll be able to create anything you can envisage. When selecting a colour, be sure to consider matching your worktops with your cabinets and other accessories to create a clean and flowing appearance; this is one of the big trends so far this year.

What are the benefits of choosing a laminate worktop?

The benefits of laminate worktops are many, but here are just 9 of them:

  1. The brands we offer have all been well established in the industry so you can be assured of their expertise and experience. All these brands are leaders in their industry, many having a heritage that spans over 50 years.
  2. We have such a versatile range of textures on offer, meaning that no matter what your tastes you can be on-trend with you choices.
  3. The colours we offer perfectly encapsulate the current trend for neutral and natural.
  4. Several of these fantastic brands have been awarded the furniture and kitchen industry’s GOLD certification from FIRA, marking them and their products as having a consistently high standard.
  5. The benefit of laminate is that you can have perfectly natural looking surfaces with such benefits as Sanitized Actifresh anti-bacterial protection. Many of our brands feature this odourless, non-toxic and taste-free finish which reduces the growth of bacteria and microbes by 99%.
  6. Despite their often elegant and impressive look, laminate worktops can fit into any budget, making them the smart choice in many situations.
  7. Cleaning and maintaining laminate worktops couldn’t be easier, particularly with gloss finishes that wipe clean in an instant.
  8. The wide range of colours and styles on offer mean that every taste is catered for, you can rest assured there’s something for everyone.
  9. Natural solid surfaces can be perfectly recreated at a fraction of the price with laminate worktops, giving you the best of both worlds.

Shop laminate kitchen worktops

If you’ve been inspired to choose your laminate kitchen worktops direct from HCSupplies, take a look through our fantastic selection today.

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Laminate worktops buying guide
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