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Odyssey worktops buying guide

This buying guide will make choosing your new worktop a whole lot easier. There’s plenty to pick from across the Odyssey worktop range and this guide will give you the inside edge on every variable you need to consider when making a purchase. With textures, sizes, accessories and colours to choose from, making the right choice can sometimes seem an impossible task, but you’ll find answers to all the popular questions our customers have right here.


Who are Odyssey and why are they important?

Odyssey is a laminate worktop manufactured by Bushboard, who are an industry leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom worktops in various styles, colours, finishes and effects. When it comes to quality and excellence in their field, Bushboard are a cut above the rest. As an independent manufacture with a long history in the market, they pride themselves on their ethical and innovative approach to business. With a wide range of customisable choices they offer the finest quality worktops. The Odyssey range is versatile and suitable for a variety of different situations, with a whole host of designs available.


What textures are included in Odyssey’s range?

Odyssey’s laminate worktops include a number of textures. Some of the most popular ones with our customers include:

  • Fa: One of the staples of the range, Fa is a texture that is dependable and works well in so many different situations.
  • Gloss: The all-time classic. A gloss finish will bring a depth to any colour in the range and create real ambience with its sheen.
  • Granit: This texture works well in darker colours; its close grain gives it a rich texture that is really classy and is perfect for stone finishes.
  • Roche: Luxurious and rustic, combining this texture with stone designs gives a subtle finish to any kitchen.
  • Surf: Another staple texture given the fact it’s so versatile. There isn’t a situation where this texture doesn’t work. It is available in many neutral colours, making it popular with current design trends.
  • Ultramatt: Smooth matt finishes always look good, and with the Ultramatt you can be assured of the highest quality lustrous texture.

What are the most popular textures and why are they popular?

Kitchen design is currently favouring the raw and rustic; think a farmhouse cottage kitchen with lots of natural stone

Odyssey worktops buying guide
With all the look of natural wood, but none of the expense, Odyssey worktops are a great choice.

or wood colours. When it comes to laminate, the industry has come so far that the stone and wood look and feel can be perfectly achieved without the cost and hassle of using the natural materials themselves. In fact, you’ll barely know the difference except when it comes to the ease of maintenance and price tag.

Our customers are currently flocking towards the Ultramatt texture, which boasts a wood grain design, giving the impression and touch of newly-sanded wood. It has to be seen and felt to be believed. Continuing in the natural theme, Granit and Roche textures will perfectly capture the appearance of natural stone. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to achieve the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of.


What size Odyssey worktops are available?

The worktops are all available in 3 metre lengths, with a width of 600mm so you can rest assured that every variant will be available in the size you need.

The standard thickness for Odyssey worktops is 38mm, yet current trends dictate that designs with slimmer lines and thinner finishes are in vogue. This is why the Odyssey worktops are available in the slimmest thickness of 28mm. It means that minimalist styles with continuous patterns or grains can be easily achieved using the thinner build.


What accessories can you get with your Odyssey worktop?

Pulling the perfect kitchen together is about more than just the worktops; a whole host of accessories including upstands, splashbacks and breakfast bars are available to make sure that everything you need is covered. The kitchen can easily be the centrepiece of a household, bringing together the entire family at mealtimes as well as being the place to socialise. With the accessories we have on offer, each matched in colour and style to your worktops, you can capture any ambiance you desire.

One of our current top sellers in the accessories department is breakfast bars. Our customers find them to be versatile, fitting into numerous designs. If the kitchen is the focal point of the house, the breakfast bar is where people congregate. They are perfect for snacking at, or just gathering round having a natter. Every kitchen built for socialising should have one.


What colours are available with Odyssey worktops?

Odyssey offer a great variety of colours for you to choose from, so you can be sure to find the right one for your tastes:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Grey
  • White
  • Cream
  • Natural Wood

You’ll notice that the trend is very much focused on both natural and neutral colours. Light whites, greys and creams can create a muted and classy feel, as well as working well with designs focused around stone, for a perfectly rustic

Odyssey laminate worktops
Black is a very popular choice of Odyssey worktop, especially for contemporary kitchen designs.

appearance. Bolder blacks would also go well with stone finishes. Browns and natural woods cater to designs focused around wood and with a laminate worktop it’s easy to capture the look and feel of these natural products without the hassle or price tag. Neutral colours in general are increasingly being paired to match the colour of the cabinets, a trend that has quickly become a hot one in recent times.

What are the benefits of choosing an Odyssey worktop?

  • When you buy from Bushboard, you’re buying from an established, trusted brand and company that makes all of its worktops in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, making Bushboard a true supporter of the Made In Britain campaign.
  • The choices on offer give you freedom to plan the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of with the assurance that you’ll be up to date with the latest trends.
  • Odyssey worktops come in two different sizes, including 28mm. This is perfect for capturing the slimline look that so many people are choosing right now.
  • The colour palette on offer means you can choose from a whole host of popular, neutral hues and shades.
  • Odyssey were awarded the Gold Certificate by the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA) to recognise the excellent manufacturing standards that Bushboard adhere to.
  • You can rest assure that the chipboard used in Odyssey products carries the PEFC standard, meaning it originates from responsibly managed and sustainable sources.
  • All Odyssey worktops are made with Sanitized Actifresh anti-bacterial protection. This technology reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99% and is odourless, non-toxic and taste-free.

Shop Odyssey kitchen worktops

We’ve examined the different textures, colours and sizes available, giving you a much better idea of what to look out for when buying. So why not shop our wide range of Odyssey kitchen worktops today?

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Odyssey worktops buying guide
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