How To Clean A Kitchen Sink – A Complete Guide

Please follow and like us: Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink The Natural Way You’ve just installed your beautiful new kitchen and had your stunning new kitchen worktops fitted but how do you ensure that your new sink stays immaculate and spotless?

Quartz vs Granite Worktops : Everything You Need To Know

Please follow and like us: Table of Contents Granite worktops Quartz worktops Appearance Durability Stain Resistance Heat Resistance Seams Cleaning Safety Price Conclusion So, you’ve narrowed down your choice of kitchen worktop material: It’s Quartz vs granite. In this handy

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Kitchen Worktop

Please follow and like us: Table of Contents Granite Quartz Ceramic Glass Corian Wood Laminate Stainless Steel Buying the best kitchen worktop for your home can be a daunting task. With so many to choose from, it’s easy to settle

Kitchen Worktops

Please follow and like us: Recently added onto our website, is the incredibly impressive Artis worktops. Boasting an impressive range from the Natural range to the sublime Bohemian range. With 5 worktops to choose from in the Bohemian Chrome range

Flavel Appliances

Please follow and like us: Visit our website to see our range of Flavel appliances! We’ve added a variety of the Flavel appliances from Built-in Microwaves to the larger Flavel Range Cookers. If you would like to see the range

Bridge Mixer and Monobloc Taps

Please follow and like us: Mixer taps are commonly used for Baths to give a modern, fashionable feel compared to kitchen taps for example. The difference is shown below with a Mixer tap on the left and a Monobloc tap on the

Prima Worktops

Please follow and like us: Prima work surfaces will add style and elegance to your kitchen. It’s always the small details that make a difference. Prima excels with a wide range of designs, surface textures and finishes, which show off their beauty

Wilsonart Synergii

Please follow and like us: Wilsonart has launched a brand new laminate worksurface range due to securing its position as a leading manufacturer of kitchen worksurfaces.   The Wilsonart Synergii Range will offer a collection of 24 decors to harness

Granite Sinks

Please follow and like us: Granite itself is a form of natural stone that can deliver the right kind of elegance to any home setting. It is the second hardest material ever found in the Earth’s surface, so therefore diamonds

Kitchen Sink Types

Please follow and like us: One of the most essential elements that has to be taken in consideration when remodelling or building a kitchen is the kitchen sink. A sink can become element of design, far from just an appliance. Sinks are