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Zodiaq quartz worktops buying guide

If you’re struggling to choose between quartz worktops or confused by all of the brand, colour, accessory and size choices you need to make, then this guide is for you. By the time you’re through you’ll have a better understanding of just what you’ll need in order to make one of the fundamental purchases for your kitchen workspace. If you get it right, you’ll be creating a real showpiece in your home—this guide can help.


Who are DuPont and why are they important?

There aren’t many brands that have a history as long as prestigious as DuPont. They’re experts in the field of bathroom and kitchen worktops and have, incredibly, been in operation for over 200 years. Their global market-leading products come in a wide range of styles and designs and their Zodiaq quartz range lives up to the high standard of manufacturing they pride themselves by. It’s a range that is loved by even the most discerning of customer, no matter what their experience with kitchen design.


What aesthetic features do Zodiaq quartz worktops have?

Quartz is a material that in some ways is akin to natural granite. It has the same great look and resilience, but with a few extra bonuses. With a composition of 93% natural quartz and 7% polymer resin, the gloss finish really accentuates the natural grain and colouring of the quartz. It’s also non-porous, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Zodiaq quartz worktops
Zodiaq quartz worktops come with an incredible glossy finish.

The colouring is also more consistent than granite, but the naturally arising quartz crystals and manufacturing process mean that each granite worktop has its own unique character.

Zodiaq quartz worktops are available in a polished finish so that all of the natural elegance and beauty is persevered and brought out in the colouring. There’s no doubt about it, quartz is a stylish and refined look so it’s no wonder that it’s fast become the hottest trend in recent years. Customers are attracted to its natural look, easy upkeep and reasonable price tag. No matter what your situation, it’s going to look great.


What size Zodiaq quartz worktops are available?

The beauty of ordering a Zodiaq quartz worktop is not only in the fact that it is objectively beautiful, it’s also available tailored to each customer’s specific needs. If you’re worried about sizing, having awkward joins or waste materials once you purchase then fear not; we can provide made to measure worktops with no extra hassle. All you have to do is provide your design and measurements when you inquire about a quartz worktop and we’ll be able to provide a quote based on various factors, including hob cutouts, sink cutouts, edge type and join areas. We can then template and install if you require, or simply deliver if you so desire.

If you’ve researched worktops that are currently popular, you’ll notice that there is a definite trend for slim and elegant lines. So when it comes to thickness, Zodiaq worktops are available in 20mm and 30mm thickness. Those looking to capture that slimline design will favour the 20mm thickness, although even slimmer is possible. There are seven granite colours available in ultra-slim 15mm thickness. These colours are Spice Black, Tan Brown, Sa Bon Accord, Nero Absoluto, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl and Star Galaxy.


What accessories can you get with your Zodiaq quartz worktop?

By this point you should have a firm idea of what a quartz worktop can do for you and have considered the ease at which you can order the correct size worktops. The next thing to consider is how to make your accessories and edges work to make your work surfaces unique to you.

Zodiaq quartz kitchen worktops
Not only do Zodiaq quartz kitchen worktops look great, they’re also easy to maintain.

Edge details can create a number of different effects to your finished work surfaces. Either accentuating or softening lines or adding an elegant flourish. Birds Beak or Double Bevel give nice clean, straight lines that look really great with 30mm thicknesses, as do the bold Imperial and Venetian. For softer curves, why not try Full Bullnose or Milano edges to give a lovely sweeping continuation to your worktop.

Other accessories to consider are how your cutouts, sink drainer grooves, and return ends will look. Once again you’ll see two stylistic choices: curves or lines. For angular lines on return ends, we’d recommend External Splay or Part/Full Return, while for an angular look your best bets are Curved or Double Radius. Cutouts for hobs and sinks come in an array of styles, but it’s worth remembering that you need to leave 120mm between two hob cutouts, 70mm between sink cutouts and 50mm from a cutout to the front edge. Drainer grooves have only two options you need to think about, and it really comes down to personal taste as both look fantastic. One is the 5 Grooved Drainer and the other is Recessed Drainer.


What colours are available with Zodiaq quartz worktops?

Colour choice can really define your kitchen’s aesthetic feel and ambience, so it’s important to get it right. So that you can see what’s currently popular, below are some of our customer favorite colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Blue

What you’ll notice is that there’s two distinct chains of thought here. Some customers are looking to create designs that are inspired by nature and therefore use a lot of neutral colours such as grey and white. These work really well with stone to create a clean and light feel in the kitchen—the word rustic often springs to mind. Others prefer a more contemporary feel, bright and bold colours that really make the kitchen feel like a vibrant and lively place. Both can make the kitchen a social area where people congregate and chat, enjoying the atmosphere that your design choices can create.

What are the benefits of choosing Zodiaq quartz?

Choosing Zodiaq for your quartz worktop means that you can be sure you’re buying real quality from global leaders DuPont. No matter what your tastes or specification, Zodiaq can make your dream kitchen a reality though their choice of fashionable colours and thicknesses. Once you’ve bought your worktop you’ll see that your solid surfaces are robust and easy to maintain. Zodiaq quartz is non-porous as well as being resistant to most stains and bacteria, making it very hygienic.

Shop Zodiac quartz worktops

We hope this buying guide has given you all the information you’ll need when choosing your new worktop. When it’s time to buy, you’ll find it easiest to purchase your Zodiaq quartz worktops direct from HCSupplies.

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Zodiaq quartz worktops buying guide
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