Granite Countertops

At HC Supplies, we have over 900 Granite Kitchen Countertop from which to choose from. It really is a comprehensive selection that you would be pushed to find a better one anywhere else online.  Granite has long been the reigning luxury countertop material of choice, and it’s easy to see why. Granite Kitchen Countertops have a certain rich and timeless appeal to them that very few other countertop materials can rival. Our range of Granite Countertops comes from the renowned supplier, Apollo.  Apollo Granite Countertops are famous for being produced in adherence to the strictest of quality measures. Equally famous is their ability to create stunning Granite Countertops at affordable prices. 

We have 24 beautiful Granite Countertop Colours available including the popular Star Galaxy and Blue Pearl Granite colours. You’ll be sure to find one that meets any kitchen or bathroom design.  A Granite countertop will become the focal point of your kitchen, it’s important you choose a colour pertinent to your design.

Dark granite countertops such as our Black Granite range are usually consistent in colour, they are well suited to contemporary kitchen designs with clear lines for that elegant look. Our lighter in colour Granite Countertops such as our White Countertop range comes in a wide range of varying shades and complement a number of kitchen designs. We recommend you browse through our entire Granite Countertop selection to pick the perfect colour for your design.

Granite is one of the most durable materials on the planet, it lends itself to making the most robust and beautiful work surface. Granite Countertops stands up to general wear and tear of kitchens extremely well. It’s an incredibly heat resistant material too making it perfect for use near your ovens and stoves. A Granite Countertop will not be weakened by placing hot pans and pots on its surface either. It really is a superb countertop…

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