Grey Quartz Countertops

Grey is a beautiful quartz colour countertop to install in your kitchen or bathroom design. Grey Quartz Countertops are becoming an increasingly popular colour choice in homes right across the UK. Their neutral colour and crisp, clean look complements most kitchen designs, particularly for people looking for the contemporary or modern theme. Our Grey Quartz Countertops range comes from some of the UK’s leading solid surface manufacturers including Apollo Quartz, Apollo Magna and Zodiaq.  When it comes to choosing a Grey Quartz Kitchen Countertop, you’re spoilt for choice at HC Supplies.


We have a large variety of different shades of grey to choose from, we really do recommend you browse through our entire selection for yourself just to see what we have to offer. The lighter shades of grey are bought by homeowners looking to maximise light whilst creating a subtle look in a kitchen or bathroom.  Darker shades of Grey Quartz Countertops are very similar to Black Kitchen Countertops in effect, many people use darker shades of Grey Quartz Countertops to create a contemporary feel to a kitchen or bathroom.

Grey Quartz Countertops are man-made engineered stone and are made from quartz (93%) and polymer resin (7%). Grey quartz worktops very much have the look and feel of granite but they offer more of a solid colour and consistency for your worktop. Our Grey Quartz Countertops range is both beautiful in appearance and classy in design which makes them great addition to your home. 

A Grey Quartz Countertop is a beautiful addition to any home. Our wide range of varying shades will give you plenty of choice. Why not come sample our Grey Quartz Kitchen Countertop Range at our showroom in Doncaster, South Yorkshire? Our staff can talk you through our beautiful ranges and help the selection process.

When you're looking for a Grey quartz worktops supplier, look no further than HC Supplies for the highest quality at the best price online in the UK. We'll even deliver everything you need straight to your door, so your perfect quartz worktop is only a few clicks away!


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