Wood Kitchen Countertops

When you’re wanting to add a natural finish to your kitchen design, look no further than our range of wooden countertops. Nothing can rival the rustic beauty of installing a wood countertop.  We have a huge range of colours, patterns and sizes to choose from to give your kitchen a homely feel.

We have a huge range of different woods in stock to suit all kitchens and styles. If you are looking for a lighter wood worktop, we have beech kitchen countertops or perhaps something a little richer in colour like an oak countertop. It’s all here, all that’s left for you is to browse through and choose! 

We pride ourselves in providing you with sustainably sourced wood worktops so that every home can enjoy a beautiful and environmentally friendly design.

Wood countertops are a robust and resistant choice for your kitchen and, with the proper maintenance, can last you a lifetime. They’re easy to repair should they get damaged, with just a little sanding any scratches or dents will be removed revealing a beautiful new surface!

Wood countertops age like a wine, they just get better and better. Whilst some countertops may lose their charm, wood countertops do not. Wood kitchen countertops are also naturally resistant to bacteria, making them an excellent choice if you have impeccable food hygiene in mind whilst designing your kitchen.

Our extensive collection of solid wood kitchen worktops allows you to choose the perfect shade and shape for your kitchen. With HC Supplies, that dreamy natural wooden finish is only a click away!

Why not come and visit our showroom in Doncaster and sample for yourself our stunning wood countertop range. Our staff are on hand to help you choose from our comprehensive wood countertop range. 

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