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If you’re looking for a new kitchen countertop, You’re in the right place with HC Supplies. We have one of the finest kitchen countertop UK ranges. Our kitchen countertop range comes in a massive variety of colours and countertop materials so you’ll be sure to find the perfect kitchen countertop for your design.

A kitchen countertop is a huge part of your kitchen and choosing the right one is important. We perfectly understand this conundrum and are only too happy to help!

We only offer kitchen countertops that we believe are practical, durable and offer design elegance. Our impressive kitchen countertop range comes from leading kitchen countertop UK suppliers including Formica, Silestone, Corian and so much more. 

Our superb kitchen countertop range offers a huge range of materials incluing granite, quartz, laminate and solid wood. Not only is our kitchen countertop range comprehensive, it’s also available at fantastically cheap prices. We pride ourselves on supplying quality, cheap kitchen countertops that will become an invaluable addition to any kitchen.

If you’re looking for kitchen countertops on a budget yet offer quality, take a look at our laminate countertops range. Our laminate countertops are by far our most popular kitchen countertops offering a huge range of beautiful colours including our popular white laminate countertops range.  At HC Supplies, you're sure to find the cheap kitchen countertop that fits in with your budget requirements.

If you require a kitchen countertop which offers a natural, rustic look, we’ve the perfect kitchen countertops range for you. Our wood kitchen countertops range offers a fantastic range of solid wood countertops including the popular oak countertops range.

A real wood kitchen countertop from us at HC Supplies offers supreme durability and with good care, it will not only look great but last a lifetime. Over time, your wooden kitchen countertop will develop in colour providing you will that beautiful rustic feel. 

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Unlimited Fast Worktops Direct Uk Delivery

Our solid surface countertops are a hugely popular choice with our customers and really do make a beautiful addition to any home whether installed in a traditional or contemporary design.

Our solid surface kitchen countertops range comes from some of the UK’s most renowned suppliers of kitchen countertops including Corian countertops, Formica countertops, Silestone quartz countertops, Odyssey worktops, Mistral worktops & M-Stone worktops and so much more. our solid surface kitchen countertop range is one of the most comprehensive in the UK.

A granite kitchen countertop really does makes an excellent work surface in to any kitchen design and is a extremely sought after kitchen countertop material. Granite is formed over millions of years deep beneath the Earth’s crust, this slow process makes granite one of the toughest materials on the planet which lends itself to make extremely strong kitchen countertops. 

Stunning Kitchen Countertops Direct To Your Door

Our kitchen countertops come in a variety of styles and colours to satisfy the most demanding of kitchen designs. Our range of white kitchen countertops are extremely popular for those looking for an elegant kitchen design.

If your looking for a classic kitchen countertop material, look no further than our quartz countertops range. Quartz makes a fantastic kitchen countertop surface and we’re pleased to stock such a fantastic selection. Strong and durable, our grey quartz countertops are highly regarded for those looking for something a little bit different.  If you’re looking for something really special, take a look at our beautiful white quartz countertops, they’re bound to get your guest talking!

Cheapest Kitchen Countertops Guaranteed!

Whatever your reason for wanting to install a new kitchen countertop, you will find an extensive selection of cheap kitchen countertops here, with a massive variety of styles, finishes and colours to suit all kitchen designs and budgets.

We offer superior kitchen countertops direct to your home or wherever you need your worktop, UK delivery is fixed at a low, flat fee, so feel free to order your kitchen countertop from us, no hidden delivery charges here.

Are you looking for a kitchen worktop? Don’t forget that we are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of kitchen worktops and offer quartz kitchen worktops, granite kitchen worktops, solid wood worktops and laminate worktops and so much more!