Beech Laminate Worktops

A beech laminate worktop will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Our beech effect worktop have a natural appearance which makes them very pleasing to the eye. The smooth matt finish makes it versatile and compliments both traditional and modern style kitchens alike.

At HC Supplies, we’re a leading supplier of kitchen worktops and we're proud to have a fantastic range beech effect worktops that mirror solid wood worktops  beautifully.

If however, you're looking for a solid wood worktop, why not check out our stunning beech block worktops range?


When it comes to choosing kitchen worktops, one of the most popular choices out there is undoubtedly a laminated worktop. Laminate is a manmade, composite material made of paper or other materials bonded at high heat and pressure between resins or plastic. It’s both robust and durable making it a great option for your kitchen worktop. Our range of laminate kitchen worktops can replicate the effect of the more prestigeous granite kitchen worktops, Quartz worktops, wooden worktops and many other natural materials. 

The benefits of beech laminate worktops go beyond just the cost savings involved in using a laminate worktop Our beech effect worktops are stain, heat and scratch resistant. These characteristics make them an ideal kitchen worktop. Laminate worktops are both a great investment and long lasting one. 

At HC Supplies, we believe we offer the very best range of beech laminate worktops. We even offer a no fuss guarantee for your 100% satisfaction. 

Our beech laminate worktops are easily customised to fit in an existing kitchen design or if your looking to create a unique design in a new home. So why not come and sample our beech Laminate worktop range at our showroom situated in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.  

Our entire beech effect worktop range is readily available for delivery within just 2-7 working days!

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