Everest Worktops

At HC Supplies, we’re a leading supplier of Everest Worktops. 

The Everest worktop is perfect for bringing a dramatic and edgy feel to any kitchen. Everest worktops has the popular crystal (textured) finish and makes a superb choice for modern and contemporary kitchens alike.

Additionally, if you're looking for a worktop with a high gloss finish, then our Everest gloss worktops selection is perfect for you!

The Everest worktop is a great addition to any kitchen, it's easy to maintain and resilient.  At HC Supplies, we have a comprehensive range of laminated worktops that enables you to mirror virtually any type of worktop you desire at an affordable price. So if you’re looking for a quality Everest worktop for your kitchen, you’re in the right place!

Everest worktops are fantastically low-maintenance and an easy to clean option for any home. Laminate worktop surfaces are made with a high-quality composite fibreboard core, which is covered in a stunning overlay and then carefully sealed using heat and high pressure. This helps to create a long-lasting, water-resistant surface, which is ideal for busy households. 

We have a large selection of Everest worktops at great prices here at HC Supplies. you’re guaranteed to find any type of worktop you desire for any kitchen design.

If you’re looking to buy an Everest worktop then why not come and sample our entire range located at our showroom in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Our staff are highly experienced and friendly to ensure you get the best possible advice when choosing the perfect Everest worktop.

Our Everest worktops range includes a wide variety of sizes and are usually available for delivery within just 2-7 working days

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