Green Laminate Worktops

Here at HC Supplies, we’re one of the leading suppliers of green laminate worktops.

Green laminate worktops have increased in demand over the past few years and have now become an ever present feature in kitchens up and down the country. We’re pleased to offer such a fantastic range of green laminate worktops here with a host of different shades and textures. Choose from our wide range of laminate worktop brands, as well as a large collection of worktop colours available at affordable prices.

If green is not your preferred colour choice don't worry, we have a stunning range of laminate worktops with a broad spectrum of beautiful colours. Why not check out our white laminate worktops & black laminate worktops ranges? it's guaranteed to compliment a wide range of kitchen designs

Green is a wonderful colour for your worktops, both vibrant yet cool all in one. High quality laminate worktops are extremely robust, easy to maintain and come in a fantastic range of textures and colours, especially here at HC Supplies. Laminate worktops are one of the most popular kitchen worktops because of their affordability. Green Laminate worktops really do make a fantastic choice for any kitchen or bathroom and will compliment a wide range of designs, making it a very versatile colour. 

Laminate is a manmade, composite material made of paper or other materials bonded at high heat and pressure between resins or plastic. It’s both robust and durable making it a great option for your kitchen worktop

Our laminate kitchen worktops range can replicate the effect of quartz, granite, marble,solid wood and many other natural materials. A green laminate worktop is a stylish addition to any home, giving your kitchen a vibrant feel whilst providing a low-maintenance, easy-to-clean surface for all your kitchen activities.  

Our range of green laminate worktops include a wide variety of sizes and finishes and are usually available for delivery within just 2-7 working days. All of our staff are highly experienced and friendly to ensure you get the best possible advice when choosing the perfect worktop for your Kitchen.

If a green laminate worktop is not what your looking for, check out our brown laminate worktops, white laminate kitchen worktops, grey laminate worktops and plenty more!

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