Green Granite Worktops

A Green Granite worktop makes a superb choice for any kitchen and will flatter a wide range of kitchen designs, making it a very versatile choice of colour.  It's perhaps one of our most popular granite worktops colours.

Green Granite worktops have a wide variety of options when it comes to secondary colours, it’s a colour that has something to offer everyone.

Most of our granite worktops have only subtle outside influences in terms of colour options, whilst green has a huge amount to offer in terms of variety of differing supporting colours and tones.  Here at HC Supplies, we only select and sell the best quality green granite worktops on the market which ensures you get a product you can be proud to install in your kitchen.

Why not browse thrrough our entire range of granite kitchen worktops? We have a wonderful range and it's growing constantly!

We have a great selection from renowned granite worktop manufacturer Apollo Granite worktops, so if you’re looking to purchase a quality worktops for your kitchen or bathroom, look no further than HC Supplies. 

Granite is a natural stone material and every piece of granite is unique. It has an attractive mottled look and probably the deepest shine of any material used in the kitchen. Green granite worktops are highly robust, virtually heat resistant and non-porous making them not only a stunning worktop, but a practical surface for your kitchen or bathroom. These properties mean you can cut up your vegetables, put down your hot pan and spill your wine and do next to no damage.

Why not see for yourself and come down to our showroom to sample are stunning range of worktops situated in Doncaster, Yorkshire. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable which ensures you get the best possible advice when choosing the perfect Worktop for your Kitchen or bathroom.  

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Our green granite worktop range includes a wide variety of sizes and finishes and are available for quick delivery so get yours now!

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