White Granite Worktops

There has been a dramatic increase in the demand for white granite worktops. They're both beautiful and elegant and compliment a wide range of kitchen designs.  They really are a little gem in our solid granite worktops range...

Similar to our black granite worktops range, our white granite worktop are perfect for homeowners seeking a brighther and crisp look. This popular worktop style can help your kitchen trap light into your home and are a great option if you're looking for an understated look but want the feel of a spacious kitchen.

Elegant in appearance, our white granite worktop range offers an extensive range of options, with intense pattern variations and different shades that really exemplify what a granite worktop is all about! 

Infact, we have a wide variety of kitchen worktops materials for you to choose from at HC Supplies. All with different textures, colours and sizes to suit the most demanding of kitchen designs. 



White is an extremly versatile colour, a white granite worktop  can complement just about any colour scheme in the kitchen.

White granite worktops come in a range of different hue's and shades. You'll find in our white granite worktop range a plethora of different colours running through your white granite worktop. Our white granite worktops range comes from our impressive Apollo Granite worktops range. 

White granite worktops are scratch resistant and famous for its durability and until now has been an incredibly expensive worktop option. Whether your are designing a new kitchen or simply giving your current kitchen a much needed refit, our cost effective high quality white granite worktop range is available to you at affordable prices to give your home a stunning transformation. 


Each of our white granite worktops offers you something different in terms of style and with a massive number of different  patterns from which to choose, you can be sure of finding your perfect granite worktop for your kitchen here at HC Supplies.

At HC Supplies we believe we offer the finest kitchen worktops selection at the best prices around and offer a no fuss guarantee for your 100% satisfaction.  We also stock a wide range of granite worktop colours including grey granite worktopscream granite worktops, brown granite worktops, green granite worktops, star galaxy granite worktops and so much more!

Our range of white granite worktops are readily available and we can normally deliver your worktop within just 2-7 working days!

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