Grey Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are known for their strength solidness and amazing colours. Our grey quartz worktop range is a prime example of what a quartz worktop has to offer. 

Grey quartz worktops are made from quartz (93%) and polymer resin (7%). Grey quartz worktops very much have the look and feel of granite but they offer more of a solid colour and consistency for your worktop. Our grey quartz worktop range is both beautiful in appearance and classy in design which makes them great addition to any kitchen. 

Here at HC Supplies, we have a fantastic range of colours to choose from including black quartz worktops, white quartz worktops, blue quartz worktops, red quartz worktops and so much more. 

Grey quartz worktops are an increasingly popular choice as their neutral colour and clean appearance works well with most kitchen styles, especially those looking to have a more contemporary or modern kitchen. 

The lighter shades are generally bought by those wanting that fresh and subtle feel in a kitchen. Grey quartz worktops are noted for making a kitchen feel more spacious and generally lighter. 

From our kitchen worktops selection, Quartz worktops have very low maintenance demands and almost a maintenance free worktop which makes it a great choice for a kitchen constantly in use. 

A grey quartz worktop can compliment a wide range of kitchen designs making it an extremely versatile choice of colour.

We know that choosing a new kitchen or worktop can be a difficult task as the more choices you have the more difficult it seems to become. A grey quartz worktop can simply solve any dilemmas as you can be assured of excellent quality and stunning results.

Why not come to our showroom situated in Doncaster, South Yorkshire and sample our grey quartz worktop range? Our staff are on hand to advise on you on this beautiful range and any of our other kitchen worktop ranges you may have your eye on!

Our grey quartz worktops range are usually available for delivery within just 2-7 working days.

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