40mm Oak Worktops

At HC Supplies, we’re a leading supplier of 40mm Oak worktops

Our stunning range of oak 40mm worktops have a real, natural look, due to the strength of the oak grain. A 40mm Oak worktop will provide you with the perfect alternative to laminate or granite worktops, giving you a natural and homely feel. Kitchen worktops made from solid wood are both durable by nature and elegant in design.

A 40mm oak worktop will instantly become the focal point in any kitchen. The beauty of our 40mm oak worktops lays in their warm natural tones and rustic beauty. If you're looking for something a little different we also stock a wide range of 40mm worktops with each worktop having its own unique characteristics.

For natural warmth and character, 40mm Oak worktops are perfect for a rustic feel in your kitchen

When choosing a 40mm Oak worktop, you’ll benefit from it's durability and over time. Like our entire wooden worktops range, your 40mm oak worktop will only enhance its naturally rich and inviting look.

Oak is a natural material, each of our oak wooden worktops will vary in grain and tone and will develop a patina and character with use. Oak requires higher maintenance than other materials, as it will require regular oiling (at least every three months), but the results you get from installing a 40mm Oak Worktops in your kitchen are certainly worth the extra care!

At HC Supplies we believe we offer the best 40mm oak worktops at the best prices around and offer a no fuss guarantee for your 100% satisfaction.

Why not come and sample our stunning range of 40mm Oak worktops at our showroom in Doncaster, North Yorkshire. All of our staff are highly experienced, friendly and on hand to ensure that you choose the perfect solid wood worktop for your Kitchen or bathroom. 

We aim to get your 40mm Oak worktop delivered quickly. Infact, our entire kitchen worktop range is usually available for delivery within just 2-7 working days!

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