Bamboo Kitchen Worktops

If you’re looking for an environmentally kitchen worktops option, then a Bamboo worktop is a great choice. 

You may not know too much about Bamboo worktops, but they certainly make a fantastic kitchen worktop. Bamboo is a naturally water resistant material and highly durable. Pale yellow in colour, your Bamboo kitchen worktop will only mature in colour over time taking on a stunning golden colour that few solid wood worktops can replicate. Bamboo is an incredibly fast growing wood making it a highly sustainable worktop source which can be harvested every 5 years. 

Our Bamboo kitchen worktops are of premium quality and above all, we’re a leading supplier bamboo worktops in the UK and offer them at very competitive prices!

A Bamboo kitchen worktops rather unique and highly desirable appearance is making this solid wood worktop a much sought after material.  Like all our solid wood worktops, it can be sanded and re-sealed if it does get damaged.

Looking after your bamboo worktop is a breeze, we recommend using warm water with mild soap for daily cleaning. We do not recommend using ammonia-based cleaning products to keep your bamboo kitchen worktops in top shape. These products will have an adverse effect on the appearance.

Try to wipe spills up immediately, your bamboo worktops will thank you for it! If you’re looking at a bamboo worktop for your bathroom, do not let soap sit directly on the bamboo kitchen worktop.

We recommend oiling your bamboo worktop on installation. Oiling your bamboo worktops does not just help them stand up to kitchen life, it will also keep them looking great for longer. 

At HC Supplies, all our solid wood worktops including our bamboo worktop range are made using hand selected 40mm wide staves. Each are crafted with care to provide a strong, robust, elegant worktop that are built to last.

Like our stunning Bamboo kitchen worktops, we pride ourselves in bringing beautiful, elegant solid wood worktops right to your door. If you're looking for something a little different, why not take a look at our solid wood cherry wood kitchen worktops or our zebrano solid wood worktops? Each has its own individual characteristics that will brighten up any kitchen design.

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