Real Wood And Wood Block Kitchen Worktops

We supply real wood and woodblock kitchen worktops at fantastic prices. 

We really believe our real wood worktops are the best in the UK. Whatever type of kitchen you have or are thinking of installing, both real wood and woodblock worktops will bring it to life, whether it's traditional or modern.

When checking out our range of wood block and real wood worktops you will find a selection that is unrivalled. Whether you are looking for Beech worktops, Cherry worktops, Oak kitchen worktops or the more exotic woods like Iroko wood worktops, Teak worktops or Wenge worktops. We have every base covered here at HC Supplies for your kitchen worktops needs. 

Perhaps one of the best things about any wood block kitchen worktop or a wood block worktop is that they age beautifully with time, so your real wood kitchen worktop will only deepen in colour and look even richer as time goes on. With just a little care, your solid wood worktop can last a lifetime and like a fine wine, will look just better and better with age!

Take a look at our Zembrano worktops or our stunning range of Maple wood worktops. Each of these real wood kitchen worktops will have different characteristics that will brighten up your kitchen space. 

At HC Supplies we believe we offer a stunning range of woodblock and real wood worktops at the best prices around and offer a no fuss guarantee for your 100% satisfaction.

Each of our wood block and real wood worktops offers you something different in terms of style and with a massive number of different grain patterns from which to choose, you can be sure of finding a beautiful kitchen worktop with us.

Our entire solid wood worktops selection is usually available for delivery direct to your door within just 2-7 working days.

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