Solid Wood Sapele Worktops

Save 50% on Solid Wood Sapele Worktops at HC Supplies and enjoy the elegant style of these beautiful worktops. Whether your kitchen is a perfectly bijou room where you create culinary delights for friends, or it is a huge family kitchen where you and your loved ones gather at meal times, solid wood sapele worktops are the perfect option. Hardwearing solid wood sapele worktops are crafted using timber staves that are butt jointed then glued, before being finely oiled to create a water resistant finish.

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Sapele is an extremely attractive timber with its striped grain and red hue. We stock a stunning selection of solid wood sapele worktops to suit all budgets. Take advantage of our half price sale and refurbish your kitchen with top of the range solid wood sapele worktops. Well looked after solid wood sapele worktops can last for many years, and will remain a beautiful addition to your kitchen.

Unlike other types of work surfaces, solid wood sapele worktops can be easily repaired if they endure scratches, and can be renewed by being rubbed down and refinished.

As is to be expected with natural wood products, solid wood sapele worktops can differ in appearance which only adds to the unique quality of these products. Enjoy refrubishing your kitchen with one of a kind solid wood sapele worktops from HC Supplies. 

For further information abour our solid wood sapele worktops options, browse the relevant page, and click on the appropriate tabs. Should you prefer to speak with us, call our friendly customer services team who will be delighted to assist you in any way they can.

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