Narrow Worktops

Just because you have a small kitchen doesn’t mean that you cannot make that kitchen look big. You can always use a good series of materials to make it stand out well enough. A narrow kitchen worktop is one of the best work surfaces that you can use when trying to get your dream kitchen design!

The greatest part of a narrow worktop comes from how it adds an elegant look to even the smallest kitchen. We stock narrow worktops in a variety of different colours, including  brilliant black worktops white worktops from our beautiful laminate kitchen worktops range. 


Narrow worktops are often applied to sizes that are small enough to handle smaller kitchens. In most cases you can find a worktop that is about 600mm in width. This should be enough to keep your space covered well without anything sticking out far too much and getting in the way of other people in the room.

Our 600mm worktops range is the perfect solution for an island as it won’t stick out far too much. Still, it has to be positioned well enough to the point where there is enough floor space to walk around on. This is to give you a better style for your look in your home.

Narrow worktops can be attractive if you plan it right. Be sure to look at what you are doing when trying to get such a kitchen worktop ready as it can come in a variety of different sizes when used carefully.

Narrow worktops can also be great if you have a need to get something that can be paired next to a light source. A narrow worktop can be good enough as it will be illuminated by an entire light source when used correctly.

This can establish a stronger look in your home but it needs to be prepared carefully enough so it will offer a smart look that adds a better style to your home if done well.

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