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The unmistakable style of the small Belfast sink makes it one of the most sought after features in the modern home. Invented many centuries ago, the Belfast sink derives from the Butler sink but has one distinct difference: a weir overflow. Initially created in Belfast to serve as both a cleaning basin for dishes and a bathing area for a household's children, it was unlikely you would find small Belfast sinks when they were initially installed in homes.

Fortunately, manufacturing methods have moved on and you will find a variety of sizes among our stock.


The popularity of small Belfast sinks could be explained by the fact that the temperature resistant fireclay used to make them, is such an easily cleaned, hardy material, that also minimises stains and marks. Mini Belfast sinks are perfect for homes and apartments that are lacing in space.

HC Supplies has a range of small Belfast sinks in different sizes, all from outstanding designers such as Astracast, Bretton Park and Rangemaster. You can even purchase one of our sleek stainless steel mini Belfast sinks for an on-trend look that will enhance any kitchen.

Captivatingly sleek and glossy, the small Belfast sink will always be one of the most sought-after styles. The ceramic models are created using fireclay ceramic, a process which sees the material exposed to intense tempertaures. This method of manufacturing results in an exceptionally strong sink that can withstand the knocks and scrapes of a busy kitchen. 

If prefer the look of stainless steel in your kitchen, the Astracast Belfast sink is the perfect option. Durable and resistant to corrosion and rust, this Belfast sink is currently on sale with over £100 off its recommended retail price.

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Quality Products At Knock Down Prices

When looking for a new stainless steel Belfast sink, it is important to take into account not only the overall measurements of the sink, but the gauge. The gauge refers to the thickness of the material and the higher the gauge, the thicker the steel. Unlike many other stockists, we prefer to provide the best quality small Belfast sinks that are manufactured by companies like Astracast that use 0.7mm gauge and above when creating their stainless steel Belfast sinks.

If you are unsure as to what size sink you require, speak to one of our friendly customer service team and let them help you through the process.