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Put a pop of colour into your kitchen and make it THE place to be with one of our coloured kitchen sinks. If you are the type of person who enjoys mixing things up when it comes to interior design, you are going to adore our choice of coloured kitchen sinks from Corian Trevino. Hardwearing and utterly adorable, Corian Trevino's coloured sinks are available in an assortment of shades, including Serpentine Green, Vanilla, Ecru, and many other delightful hues. See for yourself just how stunning coloured kitchen sinks can be.

Coloured sinks can add character to a kitchen and installing one in your home is a sure fire way to revitalise a kitchen in dire need of a lift. Browse out collection of sturdy, yet fun sinks in an array of gorgeous colours, and revamp your kitchen on a budget. We provide incredible discounts on every single one of our coloured sinks, so if you want to grab a deal on designers sinks, HC Supplies is the place to be!

Our customers adore our collection of coloured sinks, and when you purchase one for your home, you will too. Reliable and extremely hardwearing, these sinks are exceptional value and will be a worthwhile investment for your home.  Take advantage of our great offers and have your ideal sink delivered to your home within 2 to 7 working days. 

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