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Sinks made by infusing two or more distinct materials are referred to as being created using composite materials. Composite kitchen sinks, such as the stunning pieces from Astrocast, can be made using quartz silica infused granite to create elegant, yet hardwearing sinks.

Our composite kitchen sinks UK collection is available in a range of colours and styles, which means you can benefit from their durable nature, whatever design you favour.

As well as offering promotions on composite kitchen sinks from Astracast, we also currently stock composite sinks from the renowned designers at Bretton Park.


Choose from composite sinks in white, black, sand, and grey, and enjoy luxurious style for a bargain price.

Owing to the materials used to make composite kitchen sinks, their unusual textures and styles have become popular with flat and homeowners wishing to improve their abodes. 

We stock sinks in several different sizes, and customers can benefit from a range of first rate products from reputable designers. Browse our collection of single and dual bowl composite kitchen sinks and select the perfect addition to your new or existing kitchen.


HC Supplies offers an abundance of choice. Browse our collection of elegant granite bowls infused with metallic effect particles for increased strength and a unique style, and select the colour and design that will suit your kitchen best.

Sinks are an integral part of your kitchen, which is why you should only buy yours from a reputable stockist such as HC Supplies. It is important to purchase the right size and style for your needs, and if you are uncertain as to which composte sink will best suit your needs, our experts are here to help.


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