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We at HC Supplies know that finding stylish corner kitchen sinks can be difficult, which is why we have sourced the most on-trend corner sinks from the prestigious company, Astracast. The Astracast corner sinks collection is simply superb, with a choice of colours and designs for modern households all over the UK and beyond. We have corner sinks that will fit perfectly into curved alcoves, and others that will fit snugly into the small corners of diminutive apartments.

Whatever your requirements, HC Supplies corner sinks kitchen design department can accommodate you.

Only the best materials are used to create our stunning kitchen corner sinks range. As an experienced corner sinks manufacturer, Astracast knows precisely what materials are required to ensure their corner sinks are hardwearing and suitable for even the busiest of homes. Each corner sink features in our seasonal sale, with all designs available at considerably less than the recommended retail price.

Consider the granite corner sinks for kitchens that are infused with metal particles to make them even stronger than the regular corner sinks you may find at other suppliers.

The Astracast Vector Granite corner kitchen sinks are extremely contemporary in design and would look spectacular in any modern apartment. The black corner sinks are the epitome of class, and will suit most colour schemes. You can also purchase the same design in the neutral tone of Island Sand should your kitchen's colour scheme have lighter notes. Update your kitchen with this highly sought-after corner sink from a renowned designer.

If you are not sure what dimensions you require, speak to one of our experienced advisers who will be happy to assist you.


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