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Find stylishly deep kitchen sinks right here at HC Supplies, and take advantage of our current offers which see huge discounts throughout our entire range. Larger families will appreciate the extra space created by our deep bowl sinks, and you will also be delighted by the fact that there is no need to substitute style for space when it comes to our selection of deep kitchen sinks.


Deeper bowls can prove invaluable when households require more room to wash their dishes, and there is not much surface area room to accommodate a wider sink. If you intend to fill the sink to its brim on a regular basis, it is a relief to know that all the deep kitchen sinks in our range are made from hard wearing materials that can withstand the weight of heavy pots and pans!

Take a look at our complete range and take advantage of our amazing discounts.

Stainless steel is a popular material found in many modern kitchens due to the fact it is easy to clean and resistant to rust. Our collection of deep stainless steel sinks are innovative in design, and conveniently practical to assist with everyday life in the contemporary home.

Choose from the ultra modern deep stainless steel sink from Smeg, Bretton Parks traditional kitchen sink and drainer, plus many more sensational designs.


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