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Black glass sinks are a stylish alternative to the ordinary sinks you see in the everyday kitchen, and if you want your kitchen to be anything but ordinary, black sinks are certainly the way to go about it. Sleek, glossy and ultra modern, black glass sinks are a visual delight, and our collection from Bretton Park are also incredibly hardwearing. You can now take advantage of our sale prices, with over half price off the entire range of black glass sinks.

Take a closer look at our black glass sinks collection to see just how stunning they really are.

Black glass kitchen sinks are certainly unusual, and it is this deviation from the norm that appeals to many of our customers. Why be the same as everyone else when you can make your kitchen a modern masterpiece? The Bretton park black glass sinks are extremely modern, with sleek lines and simplistic, no-fuss designs. These sinks are suitable for the modern family home and on trend urbanites, and all are available at incredibly low prices.

If you want to find out more about any of our black kitchens sinks, browse the entire collection or call us today.

HC Supplies only stocks the most durable sinks in an assortment of attractive styles. We provide value for money and luxurious black glass sinks at very reasonable prices. 

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