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A growing trend among the kitchen accessories industry is for sleek, minimimalist designs with fuss-free features. This is why we are seeing increasing demand for the contemporary style of white glass kitchen sinks. Our superior collection from Bretton Park features stunning glass kitchen sinks such as the Pescara 1.5 Bowl, and the Fiora single bowl. These are more than just beautiful  white glass kitchen sinks, and are extremely durable items too, which is a must in any domestic kitchen.

Browse the entire collection and enjoy innovative designs from the prestigious brand, Bretton Park.

Purchase your white glass sinks from HC Supplies and enjoy great savings on designer models. Every single sink is currently available at less than half the recommended retail price, so why not take advantage and purchase one of our stylish white glass sinks today? Whether you require a single bowl white glass sink, or you want the extra room that a 1.5 bowl can give, we offer the finest white glass sinks at surprisingly low prices. 

Add a touch of glamour to your kitchen with one of our white glass sinks.


The toughened glass of our white glass kitchen sinks ensures that no matter how much washing up you need to do, they remain stain and mark free. These types of sinks are easy to clean, and with one quick wipe your sink can be restored to its original beauty.

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