Kitchen Island Sinks

Our kitchen island with sink range features a stunning collection of sinks from high end designers, including Astracast, Rangemaster, and Smeg. We are the go to stockists for all your kitchen island with sink needs, as we offer discounts on each of our  top quality sinks. HC Supplies stocks a variety of styles, from contemporary designs, to more traditional sinks.The Smeg Alba bowl is a modern interpretation of the traditional Belfast sink, and would suit homeowners who enjoy a touch of nostalgia. The Elbe round bowl from Bretton Park is ideal for contemporary tastes.

As designer kitchen island sinks specialists, we stock sinks in an assortment of materials, includng stainless steel, granite,ceramic and glass. By providing such a wide range of kitchen island sinks, we appeal to all, and as our prices are so low, you can afford the most hard wearing, stylish kitchen island sinks. Are you keen to add some colour to your kitchen? Why not browse our Corian selection of kitchen island sinks which are available in a variety of different colours? Choose from beautiful shades including Azure, Ecru and Vanilla.

Kitchen islands with sinks are the elegant option for the modern kitchen and allow homeowners more movement for prep and washing during cooking. For help deciding which kitchen islands with sinks would best suit your kitchen, give our advisers a call orcontact us via the online form.

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