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Welcome to the home of modern kitchen sinks UK. HC Supplies stocks the most up to date styles from some of the most exciting designers in the industry. Enjoy unbelievable savings on modern sinks from Schock, Astracast and Bretton Park, and delight in the contemporary designs of top quality modern sinks.

If you want to bring your home right up to date, you will find a stunning selection of modern kitchen sinks right here.

Don't settle for anything less than exellent: buy your modern kitchen sinks from quality stockists, HC Supplies.


One of the most on-trend fashions for kitchen design is the incorporation of quartz crystals into granite to create a more durable material. The Astracast Cascade demonstrates the use of this composite material perfectly, revealing just how stunning modern kitchen sinks can be. The evolution of domestic design has led to some innovative stylings, such as those revealed by the renowned designers at Schock. This company is eclectic in its approach, with a variety of shapes appearing throughout its modern sinks collection.

Stuck for ideas? Look at our luxury kitchen sinks and be inspired.



A stylish and luxurious kitchen sink can make washing up a delight and with HC Supplies offering such low prices on luxury kitchen sinks, you'd rergret not taking advantage! 

The modern palette for luxury kitchen sinks consists mainly of black, white, and sand. For instant impact, opt for the Bretton Park Mulberry Granite Bowl, an absolute steal at less than half the recommended retail price. The Schock Classic Granite is essential for homeowners who enjoy going against the grain and is an unexpected yet delightful addition to any modern kitchen.

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