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Are you beginning to tire of the search for stainless steel inset sinks? You will be relieved to know that you can stop looking, as the stainless steel inset sinks you need are right here on the HC Supplies website. We offer a fantastic range of inset sinks in the hardwearing marterial of stainless steel. Choose from top brands and enjoy the innovative designs of some of the most renowned designers in the UK and beyond. Enjoy quality at a reduced price when you purchase your sink from us.

We boast an eclectic mix of shapes and designs from exceptional designers such as Smeg, Bretton Park, Rangemaster, and Astracast. With so many choices available on our site and at our showroom, customers are certain to find the perfect inset stainless steel sinks for their home. You are free to choose from 1.5 sinks, double sinks and single sinks in our stainless steel inset sinks sale. Pick from the more traditional Alba sink from Smeg, or plunge into the newest styles from Rangemaster to give your kitchen a completely contemporary look.

Many of our inset stainless steel kitchen sinks are now under half the retail price, making it the perfect time to give your kitchen a lift with a designer sink. Don't miss out these super savings from HC Supplies - buy a cut price branded sink today!

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SAVE £106.92 (50%)

from £106.92


SAVE £133.3 (55%)

from £109.05


SAVE £93.64 (45%)

from £114.36


SAVE £88.76 (36%)

from £161.24


SAVE £231.31 (55%)

from £189.24


SAVE £20.9 (10%)

from £199.10


SAVE £258.74 (55%)

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SAVE £270.51 (55%)

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SAVE £309.71 (55%)

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SAVE £309.71 (55%)

from £253.40

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