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Kitchen bridge taps have a very distinctive and attractive design, which makes them a focal point of any kitchen. This doesn't have to mean restricing the style of taps you choose, especially when you purchase yours from the HC Supplies kitchen bridge taps collection. Astracast and Rangemaster continue to excel in the realm of kitchen accessory design and we are pleased to stock a fantastic selection of their most beautiful kitchen bridge mixer taps. Whether you prefer modern or traditional design, discover beautiful kitchen bridge taps at one of the UK's most popular stockists.

As you would expect from such world-renowned manufacturers as Astracast and Rangemaster, these designers only produce quality items that serve to adorn, and feature in your kitchen for as long as you need them. Carefully crafted from chrome, nickel, or stainless steel, our bridge mixer taps are ideal for any busy kitchen, be it the family home, or a party pad in the city. It is important that your chosen kitchen bridge mixer taps not only look great but are also practical, which is why we only stock the most attractive, yet functional bridge mixer taps.

Those that adore the traditional styles, will fall in love with the Astracast Carmague bridge mixer taps in nickel and stainless steel, and homeowners seaching for something completely modern will certainly want the Rangemaster Belfast kitchen bridge mixer taps.

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