Kitchen Spray Taps

Kitchen taps with spray tubes are ideal for the busy modern kitchen. Simple to use, and brilliantly practical, kitchen shower taps allow homeowners to clean hard to reach areas of their kitchen sink area, and to effectively clean fruit and vegetables. Because of the strong jet of kitchen spray taps kitchen sinks can be kept clean with minimal effort.

There are so many reasons to install kitchen spray taps, and when you see just how little they can cost, you will wonder why you haven't purchased them before.




A kitchen taps spray can be intensified and projected to specific areas through the help of spray kitchen taps. Modern designs allow cutomers to secrete the hose inside the tap when not in use, ensuring the kitchen remains aestheticlly pleasing at all times.

Make your selection from several different designs, including Rangemaster's Aquapro pull out taps, with dual levers and chrome finish, and Astracast's brushed steel single lever spray taps.

Each of our designer taps has been discounted, allowing you to stretch your budget further and to purchase quality goods at knock down prices.


As kitchen specialists, we are aware of the need for different options when it comes to the flow type of taps. This is why we stock low pressure kitchen taps with spray and accommodate homes with an assortment of flow options. The HC Supplies spray taps kitchen range has been specifically designed to assist homeowners with ensuring that their contemporay kitchens are accessible and practical.

If you are unsure which spray taps would be suitable for your home, feel ree to call one of our friendly advisers who will be happy to help with your decision.



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