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Astracast Razor 1.5 Bowl Granite Rok Sahara Beige Sink

Length: 1050mm, Width: 500mm,

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Kitchen sink is one of the most hardworking appliances, so need to make sure it's up to the job. That's why the right granite material is so important. With ROK®, quartz crystals are concentrated at the surface, making it tougher, stronger and more durable. ROK® keeps on looking good, no matter what you throw at it. Quartz is the fourth hardest element and that makes it a natural choice for a kitchen sink. ROK® is made from an intense mass of 90% quartz crystaline particles, forced together within a smooth bonding agent to give it its superior strength. And unlike standard granite, ROK® has a greater concentration of quartz crystals at its surface, because this is where you want the real durability. It creates an impenetrable barrier, which makes it resistant to stains, intense heat, scratching and every day knocks and bumps. Astracast Razor is a granite kitchen sink that's as stunning as it is functional. Its low profile and minimal styling gives it its undeniable good looks, whilst the additional half bowl allows you to multi task even when the main bowl is being used. The main work surface stays dry, thanks to the unique central channel, and because it's made from ROK®, your sink will look great for years to come. Optional accessories include a main bowl grid, half bowl wire colander and stylish glass chopping board. The Razor 1.5 bowl granite kitchen sink fits a minimum 600mm base unit. It comes complete with chrome covered pop-up wastes and pipework. The drainer can sit on the left or right hand side. Astracast ROK® Granite Sink Features: ROK® Granite: ROK® Granite at Astracast are made differently. They are actually made upside down, which means the vast majority of the granite quartz crystals fall to the surface to make sure you get the strength and good looks where you need it most. This process creates an impenetrable barrier, which makes ROK® Granite resistant to stains, intense heat, scratching and every day knocks and bumps. Heat Resistant: ROK® can handle extremes of hot and cold temperatures, So a hot pan next to a joint of meat thawing on the draining board would be no problem at all. Scratch Resistant: With ROK® you don't have to worry about scratches from pan scrubs or knife blades, the outer surface of ROK® is so tough, any marks will wipe away without damaging the sink. Stain Resistant: Muddy football boots, dirty bike chains and greasy takeaway cartons can all make their way into your sink. A quick wipe round with a cloth and no one will know! Impact Resistant: Kitchen is busy place, and it is inevitable that things will get dropped from time to time. ROK® is designed to stand upto everyday knocks and bumpe, and still look good for years to come. Easy Clean: Astracast granite sinks are easy to clean. A simple whizz over with a damp cloth and some kitchen spray and your ROK® sink will always look as fabulous as the day you bought it. Hygienic: Astracast granite sinks keep your kitchen hygiene as ROK® is naturally anti-bacterial. That's great benefit, especially if you have a young family.

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Astracast ROK® Granite Sinks Installation

Length: 1050mm
Width: 500mm

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