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Schock Waterfall D 150 Cristadur 1.5 Bowl Kitchen Sink Magma

Length: 1000mm, Width: 500mm,

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The Schock Waterfall is the product of intense research & development make any kitchen exceptionally beautiful, which is the ultimate in sink design made from the premium Cristadur material. CRISTADUR is similar to natural granite in many ways but is stronger and 3-times harder than natural granite. The material's ultra-fine, non-porous finish makes it impossible for foods and liquids to stick to the surface, eliminating bacteria and food contaminants. Featuring an odorless, stain-resistant and non-porous finish so the rigors of everyday use vanish without a trace. Manufactured using ProHygienic 21 Technology leaves no place for bacteria to thrive. The Schock Waterfall D-150 has an extremely fine nano-structure for easy care and an unprecedented nano-clean effect. The drainer has the look of a waterfall, promising a great deal of fun with washing up. Brings a clean, modern lines with a beautiful finish and is made for undermount and topmount installation. Advantages: Material: CRISTADUR® contains up to 80% quartz, the hardest constituent of granite, which has been specially developed for the demands of the kitchen. The rigorous of everyday use vanish with hardly a trace. The material's ultra-fine structure means dirt that could be a breeding ground for bacteria finds it impossible to stick to the surface. Scratch & Impact Resistant: Schock sinks are made of a quartz-composite material which is very much like stone and therefore has an extremely hard surface that can withstand the rigours of everyday use in the home. It is the combination of acrylic resin and quartz that protects the sink against scratches and dirt. Heat Resistant: Schock quartz composite materials are DIN 13310 certified and are therefore classified as heat resistant for use in the kitchen. It is possible that the standard temperature may be exceeded depending on the heat source and the pan content. It is recommended not to place hot objects from the stove or oven directly onto the sink surface. Protect your premium SCHOCK sink by placing hot objects on protective boards. Download Installation Guide Download Care & Maintenance Guide Videos:

Schock Sinks Impact Test

Removing Food Stain

Removing Tough Stain

Length: 1000mm
Width: 500mm

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