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Buying an Apollo granite worktop is great choice to make, but if you’re unsure about the specific details, or still deciding whether it’s the right worktop for you, this guide will help you make an informed decision. Below are some of the key considerations when buying an Apollo worktop.


Who are Apollo and why are they important?

With a solid reputation that has been developed over the last 15 years, the Apollo worktops brand has established itself as a supplier of affordable and high quality worktops. With a 10 year manufacturer’s limited warranty on all of their worktops, the Apollo range offers quality and security across many different styles and designs.


What textures are included in Apollo’s granite range? 

There are some really strong choices available when it comes to Apollo’s granite range, each with its own unique style:

  • Flamed: As the name suggests, high heat is applied to the granite work surface to give it a manifold depth of texture. For a slightly more refined finish, the work surface is then brushed, giving a final appearance of a smooth and light ripple that runs throughout.
  • Honed: With as much precision as the name implies, the surface is flattened, giving a matte-like finish with a very low sheen and sumptuous depth.
  • Rustica : If you’re looking for a slightly rugged and natural-looking finish, Rustica will give you the perfect rustic look for you kitchen.


What sizes are available in Apollo granite worktops? 

One of the key benefits of Apollo granite worktops is that no matter what size and dimensions you’re working to, we’ll make sure your worktop is made to measure. Simply provide the kitchen plan and measurements when you enquire and our experts will take into account factors such as cutouts for hobs and sink, edge type and join area, and they’ll provide an accurate quote based on your specification.

Apollo granite kitchen worktops
Apollo granite kitchen worktops come in the following thicknesses: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm and even a slimline 15mm.

Once we have all your key info we can provide templating and installation if required, or alternatively a delivery only service if requested. Simply let us know your preferences and we’ll factor it into our quote. No job is too big or small.

In terms of thickness, there are a few different options available; as standard we offer 20mm, 30mm and 40mm, giving you a range of choices. Or, if your tastes so desire, a number of our colours are available in ultra-slimline 15mm. These sleek lines will be perfect for those keeping up with the current trend of refined and subtle lines in the kitchen. The colours available in ultra-slimline are Spice Black, Tan Brown, Sa Bon Accord, Nero Absoluto, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl and Star Galaxy, meaning there’s something to suit almost all tastes.


What accessories can you get with your Apollo granite worktop? 

Once you’ve decided on the texture and size of your worktop, it’s time to consider the accessories that you’ll need to accompany your design. One of the key factors in this decision will be the edge detail. This can really make your kitchen worktop stand out and can change the overall feel of your design. There’s a wide range of choices you can make, and you can rely on Apollo to deliver the highest quality finish. If you’re going for a design that incorporates an angular feel with lots of firm, straight lines, edges such as Double Bevel or Birds Beak would work well. For smoother lines, try Milano or Full Bullnose. Double Pencil, Imperial, Single Ovolo and Venetian mix both styles.

Apollo also offer a variety of styles when it comes to return ends, cutouts and drainer grooves, giving you total freedom to achieve the design you want. Again, a mix of curved and straight lines are available in the designs, meaning that your appliances and sinks will fit seamlessly into your design. For return ends, Part/Full Return, Double Notch, Triple Notch, External Splay, Internal Splay and Breakfront styles have more defined lines, whilst Double and Single Radius are curvaceous. For drainer grooves you can choose from recessed or 5 grooves.


What colours are available with Apollo granite kitchen worktops?

Apollo granite kitchen worktops grey
Grey granite worktops are very much on-trend.

You’re now at the stage where you’ve chosen style, accessories and sizes. The final important decision is colour. The Apollo granite range has a wide colour palette to choose from, and some of our current customer favourites include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Brown
  • Blue

These colours are popular with customers not only because they look great, but because they are following the current trends in kitchen designs. There is a demand for styles that use neutral kitchen colours such as white and grey, to give a clean and natural looking kitchen that can be made more vivid by adding a bright flash of colour. Whatever your preference though, the Apollo range has you covered.

What are the benefits of choosing Apollo granite?

Apollo is a trusted brand that provides quality and assurance in all of its worktops, all with an affordable price tag. No matter what size or space you’re working to, the worktops will be made to measure your kitchen plan. You can rest assured that you won’t have left over materials going to waste.

The colour range on offer means that all tastes and trends are represented across the range, and with the customisable edges and thicknesses, you can make sure that your granite worktop is a trendy statement piece that can add real value to your home.

Shop the Apollo granite worktop range now.

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Apollo granite worktops buying guide
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