Ceramic Worktops

At HC Supplies, we have a splendid selection of Ceramic worktops for you to choose from.  

Ceramic worktops are gaining huge momentum within the UK kitchen sector and with good reason.  Our Ceramic worktop range comes in a unique array of finishes including rust, metallic and concrete. This is perfect for those looking to replicate the ever creasing popular industrial theme to your kitchen. We really foresee ceramic worktops becoming a mainstay in the kitchen environments and with that, you’ll only see our range of ceramic worktops increase here at HC Supplies. 

Ceramic worktops are made by compressing together clay, sand, feldspar and a range of other natural materials. The mixture is then essentially baked in an incredibly hot oven which can reach over a thousand degrees. This complex process means that a ceramic worktop is heat resistant. A hot pan will cause no damage to your ceramic worktop, and although we do not recommend it, exposure to something like blow torch will not cause any damage at all. An additional benefit of a ceramic worktop is that they are lightweight compared to other worktops due to the manufacturing process. 

 Another reason for the increasing popularity of this material is that ceramic combines a beautiful, natural look and feel with practical qualities which makes it a fantastic worktop material. 

Ceramic worktops are fine-grained in structure and have a constant colour. What makes this stunning worktop so unique is due to the manufacturing process, rarely are two colours exactly the same offering you what is essentially bespoke worktop for your kitchen!

At HC Supplies we believe we offer the best worktops at the best prices around and offer a no fuss guarantee of 100% satisfaction. Our range of Ceramic worktops are readily available and we can normally deliver your worktop within just 2-7 working days.

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