Dark Wood Worktops

Here at HC Supplies, we have a huge selection of dark wood worktops for you to choose from. 

Dark wood worktops will not only bring a sense of stability, durability and longevity to your kitchen but also a sense of style and sophistication, with our extensive range of dark wood worktops from our solid wood worktops range, be assured that it doesn't matter what look you are trying to achieve. Whether it's contemporary or classic we have the perfect dark wood worktop for you.

Along with our dark wood selection, we also stock a fantastic range of timber worktops including some of the more exotic woods like our Zebrano worktops or a beautiful Iroko worktop



Our dark wood worktop range will add warmth, homeliness and character to your kitchen and will last you a lifetime. Dark wood worktops have a somewhat timeless and an inviting natural rustic beauty, which makes it an ideal choice for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs alike.

All our kitchen worktops are hardy and long lasting but our dark wood worktops radiate warmth, and a few scratches here and there will certainly add to their natural charm. These beautiful dark wood worktops are made to last and perhaps more importantly, they age beautifully too. 

Here at HC Supplies, our dark wood worktop selection is carefully crafted from the highest quality raw materials available, to provide maximum strength stability and durability.

All of our staff are highly experienced and friendly to ensure that you choose the right dark wood worktop for your Kitchen or bathroom, so why not come and check out our range of dark wood worktops at our showroom in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Our range of dark wood worktops include a wide variety of sizes and finishes and are usually available for delivery within just 2-7 working days

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