Granite Kitchen Worktops

Take a look at our range of granite worktops direct from us here at HC Supplies. You will also find an 100+ ranges and 350+ colours and patterns here at HC Supplies including a range of leading brands such as Axiom and Duropal where you will find granite effect worktops from our extensive laminate worktops range.

We’re one of the leading granite worktop suppliers in the UK and are immensely proud of our entire granite worktop range. A granite worktop isn’t just beautiful and luxurious, it's a functional, elegant and a durable addition to kitchen or bathroom designs a like. Our granite kitchen worktops provide an opulent feel to any room in which it sits. 

Our kitchen worktops in granite are an easy to maintain work surface, a solid granite worktop is also ideal for your bathroom design. Don’t delay, buy your granite worktops direct from us at HC Supplies!


Granite is undoubtedly one of the toughest materials on the planet, it’s formed through a process which takes millions of years deep beneath the earth’s surface. As a result, kitchen granite worktops are an excellent work surface, they’re tough and will not scratch under everyday use.

At HC Supplies, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our amazing range of granite worktops colours that will compliment any kitchen and bathroom design. For instance take a look at our star galaxy worktops & blue pearl granite worktops, both striking worktops that will add to any kitchen design. Whether it's a traditional or contemporary theme you're trying to set, we'll have the perfect granite kitchen worktop for you. 

For a contemporary kitchen design, you’ll find a classy range of black granite worktops, white granite worktops, grey granite worktops and cream granite worktops. These stunning granite worktop colours will instantly bring your kitchen design to life.


If you’re looking for a granite worktop to really get your family and friends talking, why not check out our green granite worktops, brown granite worktops & red granite worktops ranges. Each colour variation offers itself to a number of kitchen designs, you’ll fined honed granite worktops & polish variations of these beautiful kitchen worktops in granite. 

You really will not find a better granite worktops price per metre anywhere else. Working out the price per metre for any granite kitchen worktop depends on various factors such as the granit worktop finish. We have a variety of kitchen granite worktop finishes for you to choose from.






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Showing 1 - 30 of 46

Only The Best, Cheapest Granite Worktops Prices At Hc Supplies!

When you buy granite worktops from us, you’re not only getting hard working worktop, you’re also getting a fantastic discount granite worktops.

We believe that our granite worktop prices are unrivalled. It’s often seen that the price of granite worktops is too expensive for a lot of households but at HC Supplies, that’s not the case. We have fantastic relationships with our granite worktop suppliers which mean we’re able to pass on huge savings on our granite kitchen worktop prices.

Just because we offer cheap granite worktop prices, it doesn’t mean the quality suffers. We’re immensely proud to stock Apollo Granite worktops, Apollo are perhaps the most renowned manufacturers of granite kitchen worktops in the UK. They create high quality granite worktops for the kitchen whilst keeping the price in mind to keep these luxurious worktops affordable. 

Cheap Granite Worktop Prices From Hc Supplies

Our Honed granite worktop range is non-reflective and great for those looking for a less shiny work surface. Honed granite kitchen worktops are very much 'in-vogue' because of the softer look it gives to a kitchen or bathroom. It's worth considering granite kitchen worktops if your kitchen or bathroom already has reflective surfaces or metallics to contrast the overall feel of your kitchen.

Polished granite worktops are perhaps the most popular worktop in kitchens today. Because of it's characteristics, granite is very receptive to this high-gloss finish. 

Unlimited Fast Granite Kitchen Worktops Uk Delivery

Buy granite kitchen worktops from us at HC Supplies, we’re leading kitchen granite worktop UK suppliers. You will not find a better granite worktop range anywhere else online!

Not only is our range comprehensive, you’ll not find a better cheap granite worktop range in the UK. We also offer a no fuss guarantee for your 100% satisfaction.  We also stock a huge array of granite upstands and granite breakfast bars that will beautifully compliment your new granite kitchen worktop.

We aim to get the majority of our granite kitchen worktops delivered to most places in the UK within 2-7 working days!

You’ve probably seen for yourself our cheap granite worktop prices but for a closer look, why not come and visit our showroom in Doncaster, North Yorkshire? You’ll find a comprehensive sample range for you to browse through. Do not forget our beautiful laminate kitchen worktops range for some fantastic worktops. The most difficult part will be choosing your dream kitchen worktop!