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Earthstone worktops buying guide

The largest manufacturer of laminate worktops in the UK, WilsonArt have been working for two decades to bring their Earthstone worktops range into your home. A surface with all the benefits of acrylic worktops, and a great alternative to expensive quartz surfaces, Earthstone combines the appearance of natural stone with cost-effective manufacturing so that you can bring more luxury into your life.

Who are WilsonArt and why are they important?


Earthstone kitchen worktops
Bridging the gap between cheap laminate worktops and granite worktops. Earthstone worktops are a great choice.

Since 1998 Wilson have been dazzling us with their earthstone and gemstone surfaces designed by their UK-based teams, working hard to come up with exciting new ranges. You may have admired a WilsonArt worktop without knowing it, as their durable surfaces can be found in retail, marine and healthcare environments.


Easy to install, easy to maintain, and a great alternative to expensive quartz surfaces, this acrylic surface is available in ten unique designs, which could be easily mistaken for granite worktops at first glance. Easy to maintain, WilsonArt boasts the tagline ‘naturally individual work surfaces’, and they’re right to do so.


What aesthetic features do Earthstone worktops have?

Earthstone worktops are a great alternative to quartz or granite worktops, which may require more maintenance, and have a larger price tag. All Earthstone surfaces are given a high polish, and you’d never know that they’re actually hiding 28mm of substrate. While their core isn’t the same as their surface, this makes them easier to fit, without the time and effort needed for templating.

The Earthstone range doesn’t miss out on any of the practicalities of solid surface worktops. All WilsonArt Earthstone surfaces are resistant to water, bacteria and scratches. The only difference is that they’re lighter and easier to repair.

If you hadn’t guessed it from the name, all Earthstone worktops are stone-effect, some with a slight dabbling of particles, others with gem-like pebbles embedded into the surface. Stone surfaces are a classic in any kitchen, with designers returning to this style again and again. And with the great surfaces of the Earthstone range, curved island pieces and sink cut-outs can be created in no time at all.


What sizes are available in Earthstone worktops?

To give you an idea of what an Earthstone surface looks like, compared to others, all Earthstone worktops are 34mm thick—yet the average work surface is around 40mm, meaning Earthstone is slightly thinner. Engineered to meet the needs of your kitchen, Earthstone is manufactured to create surfaces of 650mm from you to the wall, but can be cut shorter if a different depth is needed. After the colour, your biggest choice is whether to get a length of 1.8m or 3.6m, depending on the needs of your kitchen.

Earthstone Worktops
For an ice white kitchen, why not choose the Earthstone Glacier breakfast bar?

WilsonArt’s Earthstone isn’t the only stone-effect worktop available, and we’d be silly not to introduce you to some others while we have your attention. If you’re looking for stone-effect, but would prefer something slimmer, we’d suggest looking at the Apollo Slab Tech range. Measuring around 20mm, these worktops give kitchens a sleek, minimalist feel. But if that’s not thin enough, we also stock the ultra-slimline range of 15mm—and despite its thin design, there’s no shortage of variety in colours and finishes which includes Spice Black, Tan Brown, Sa Bon Accord, Nero Absoluto, Blue Pearl, Emerald Pearl and Star Galaxy.


What accessories can you get with your Earthstone worktop?

Yet another benefit of Earthstone is its flexibility when creating a range of complementary products. Once you’ve picked out your Earthstone worktop, you have the option of upstands, splashbacks and breakfast bars, for a consistent look flowing through your kitchen.

‘Upstands’ are a thin strip of matching acrylic which runs along the edge of the work surface, protecting the wall from spills and minor splashes. Upstands prevent the appearance of a harsh horizon line through your kitchen, and are great for disguising uneven walls. Different heights of upstand are available, but the taller varieties are called ‘splashbacks’ as they can protect your walls from splashes while cooking or preparing food. With upstands and splashbacks, the durability of your worktop will be added to your walls, allowing you to wipe away accidents that might otherwise stain your wall.

But worktops aren’t just for your kitchen counters. Earthstone surfaces also comes as breakfast bars, letting you create a seating area for you, your family and friends, while cooking or entertaining. We’ve noticed that breakfast bars are becoming a popular addition in modern kitchens, especially for chefs who like company while cooking, or a little more space to spread out.


What colours are available with Earthstone?

With ten colours to choose from in the Earthstone range, you’ll be spoilt for choice. All of these combinations of pebble, particle and pigment offer a realistic stone-effect that’s sure to define your kitchen.

  • Glacier—a pure white that will be stunning in every kitchen, giving you plenty of flexibility to design your look on its smooth surface.
  • Gemini—combining small white stones with larger beige pieces, set into a cool grey pigment, Gemini offers a pleasing subtle contrast of warm and neutral tones.
  • Nordic Melange—a mix of pale greys and darker flecks this combination of colours produces a clean, cool stone work effect.
  • Pastel Melange—appearing similar to its Nordic counterpart, Pastel is a warmer variation of a similar texture.
  • Coffee—the inviting tones of a freshly brewed latte, Coffee is a colour which invites warmth into any room.
  • Scorpio—a deep tan colour with a spectrum of pebbles embedded into its surface.
  • Black Star—a mixture of pale and dark stone flecks held in a deep black pigment, Black Star shows off the texture and light patterns in small stones.
  • Graphite—a more uniform pattern than others, Graphite has some of the smallest stone chips of the Earthstone range.
  • Libra—a dark colour, like Graphite, but with large stones, Libra has lots of detail to be admired in its surface.
  • Mocha—a warmer variant of Graphite, Mocha makes use of tiny pale particles to give an almost shimmering effect.

While white surfaces are on-trend at the moment with minimalist kitchens, stone-effect surfaces are a classic choice for any type of decor, which is why Earthstone surfaces are so popular.

Before we reach the end of this guide, let’s have a quick reminder of the other reasons for choosing Earthstone above all the rest.

What are the benefits of choosing Earthstone?

With all the practical benefits of other acrylic worktops, Earthstone brings the gorgeous aesthetic of natural stone surfaces, while leaving the price tag behind. Manufactured by WilsonArt from a non-porous material, all Earthstone surfaces resist stains, and doesn’t make room for bacteria to grow. These benefits make these surfaces the perfect choice for your kitchen, as they’re naturally more hygienic than wood, easier to maintain than granite—and unlike metal worktops, any scratches can be polished out easily.

WilsonArt have become a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen worktops, first with laminates, and now with acrylic surfaces. Their hard work has earned them the GOLD product certification from FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association). This means that Earthstone surfaces have excelled in a series of independent tests and evaluations which prove that the product, and processes used to create it, are of the highest standard. However, the ultimate stamp of approval comes from WilsonArt’s customers, which is why you should consider taking a closer look. Why not shop the Earthstone kitchen worktops range today?

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Earthstone worktops buying guide
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