Laminate worktops – why has laminate become so popular? 

Axiom platinum black laminate worktop, man and woman enjoying breakfast
Deliciously dark, the Axiom platinum black laminate worktop is a great choice for contemporary kitchens.


Before the creation of laminate worktops, homeowners would need to kit out their kitchens with wood, metal, or stone surfaces. The laminate we know and love today is very different from the laminate worktops that were first introduced over 100 years ago. Discover how the introduction of laminate surfaces revolutionised 20th century homes. Read on to learn why it has become the popular choice for contemporary kitchen worktops.  


The very first laminate worktops 

Initially, laminate worktops weren’t very attractive. In fact, they were industrial laminates created using phenolic resin. One of the first uses for this ugly brown material was to case electrical goods. These goods were first manufactured in America in the early 20th century. It wasn’t until 1938 that laminate gained its top layer of colourful resin. This addition made the material much more attractive. So much so that they inspired companies such as Wilsonart to create a range of laminate worktops for kitchens and other areas of the home. 


The 1950’s, the time of the laminate worktops 

Despite being invented in the 1930’s, laminate wasn’t a popular choice for homes until the 1950’s. In the 1930’s, the  American economy was in a bad way, making consumers less inclined to spend. However, after World War II, and as the economy recovered, consumers in America were keen to get their hands on this new product. The cheerful colours were just what was needed to help recover from the austerity and sadness of war. This is why we tend to associate this decade with laminate worktops and American homes.  

The luxury of laminate 

When laminate was first introduced it was viewed as the ultimate luxury purchase for your home. The hard-wearing, easy to clean surface never needed to be polished and was incredibly easy to maintain – much like it is now. This goes someway to explain why it was so popular. Laminate is scratch, stain, and crack resistant, making it a very practical choice. No longer would homeowners need to put in so much work maintaining their kitchen counters.


How are laminate worktops made? 

Modern laminate worktops are created using layers of patterned paper coated with resins. These layers are then placed in a high-pressure press (around 544kg per square inch). This is then heated to approximately 144°C. The sheets remain in these conditions for about an hour. This process transforms the paper and resins into a single sheet of composite materials. 


The evolution of laminate worktops 

There are considerable differences between laminate production in the 1950’s and today. One of these differences is that the quality. Modern homes can benefit from a range of different styles of laminate, all of exceptional quality. These styles convincingly mimic more expensive types of kitchen worktops. This includes hundreds of different styles of marble, granite, and wood. Mid 20th century laminate also had an oil-like texture which customers don’t have to contend with today. 


Laminate worktops give you options 

Laminate is considered a budget material. However, this is by no means a bad thing. If you’ve your heart set on a wood, granite or marble kitchen worktop, but have a very low budget, then laminate is here to save the day. We stock exceptional quality laminate from world-renowned companies like Wilsonart, Axiom, Duropal, Trade-Top. Choose from a variety of wood, granite, marble and quartz designs. 


Which laminate worktop designs are popular? 

One of the most popular selections  from our range are marble effect kitchen worktops such as the Trade Top Carrara Marble. The subtle elegant finish on these worktops enhances creates an upmarket ambience. Wood effect is also extremely popular with laminate worktop buyers.  The Pro-Top Beech Butcher Block and Pro-Top Porterhouse Walnut Pearl worktop provide a polished, modern farmhouse look. Customers can enjoy a great choice of worktops, from pristine white to darker shades. There are also colourful options which have become increasingly popular in current years.


Which laminate worktop will look best in my home?

This all depends on your personal style. It also depends on the space available. To create the illusion of more space, a light colour would be best. If you want a pop of colour on a central island, go for a contrasting colour from the other surfaces. Wood effect laminate provides a fresh, modern look.  Marble effect is increasingly popular as it adds glamour to the home. As we provide so many different styles, you will be spoilt for choice. Take a look at the entire range of laminate worktops to discover the assorted options available.


How long do laminate worktops take to be delivered? 

Laminate worktop delivery usually takes between 2 to 5 days. If you have any questions about our laminate worktops and delivery, get in touch. Our team is on hand to help customers in any way they can. This can include helping with worktop selection or arranging sample delivery.


Here to help

No matter what type of worktop you want to order, we are here to help. If you’re struggling to decide and need samples, get in touch. You can order samples via our website or by calling our customer services team directly. Should you want a closer look at our worktops, you can visit our showrooms when they are open. Our experts can talk you through each stage and help you decide which worktops are best for your home. To find out more, visit our main site.


Show off your laminate worktops!

If you’ve first hand experience of purchasing a laminate worktop from HC Supplies, let us know. We would love to see the individual styles of customers and how our worktops have enhanced your homes. Drop your images in the comments sections below or tell us what you think about your new purchase. Let us know your views on laminate and what you like best about this fantastic product.


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