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Everything You Wanted to Know About Quartz

Quartz has always been a popular material choice for kitchen worktops as not only is it robust, standing up to heat, scratches and scrapes, it also delivers modern, clean and crisp lines. A quartz worktop is the perfect option if you’re looking to add the finishing touch to your modern family kitchen, complimenting any slab, handle-less or shaker style.

Overall, a quartz worktop is hardwearing, doesn’t require too much maintenance or attention, but it is worth considering the full facts before purchasing! Here at HC Supplies, we’ve compiled an essential ‘Know-How’ on everything Quartz, read on before you buy your next worktop.


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How to Care for Quartz Worktops

What’s the Difference Between Quartz Countertops and Granite Countertops

Both quartz and granite are solid surface worktop types, the only difference is the type of stone used.

Essentially, they have similar characteristics, both resistant to heat and general daily wear and tear, the main difference being the finish.

A quartz top is usually more ‘subdued’ with smaller veining or flecks, whereas a granite worktop tends to have heavier veins and streaks. Both are suitable for several kitchen styles, ranging from traditional to ultra-contemporary. However, we suggest using granite paired with traditional or more complex kitchen designs, with quartz being the perfect pairing for a more modern look.

Why Choose Quartz Countertops?

Cutting Edge Style

If a modern finish, with quality, minimalist styling is your thing, a quartz worktop is the perfect option. Although there is generally less ‘character’ than a solid wood worktop or granite, with its ornate streaks and patterns, a quartz worktop is unmatched in delivering crisp, clean edges.

We love how quartz worktops provide subtlety, but still deliver in design, with a range of ‘sparkles’ and finishes available to complement your kitchen.

Unique & Diverse

Quartz can be finished with multiple sparkles, flecks, finishes and colours, whilst still delivering a uniform product, which is ideal if you want consistency throughout your kitchen.

The range of options available make quartz tops ideal for making a big impact in an otherwise subtle kitchen style.

Water Resistant & Hard Wearing

Quartz worktops, as with most solid surface tops are ideal for family kitchens as they are incredibly robust and hard wearing. They are also compatible with recessed and Belfast sinks, as all edges are waterproof.

Although some care should be given, to prevent scratches for example, there is very little else to consider when maintaining a quartz worktop. As with all worktops, remember to wipe away spillages as soon as possible to prevent staining.

Are Quartz Countertops Practical

Most solid surface worktops such as Silestone, Granite and Quartz do require some protection from scratches and scrapes. However, they are hard wearing and versatile, meaning, in most family homes, they should stand up well to day to day life.

Quartz Countertops Styles

Quartz worktops come in a multitude of styles and finishes, with sparkles, streaks, speckles, glossy and matt options, the choices are pretty much endless. We’ve highlighted some of the more common options that work well in most kitchens below:

Hi Gloss

Hi Gloss finishes are perfect for reflecting light and making smaller kitchens appear larger. Working well with matt finished and timber grained doors, a glossy finished quartz worktop can add the ‘wow factor’ to any kitchen. Consider pairing your worktop and flooring choices, contrasting with doors for maximum impact.

Patterns range from simple colour options to full marble effects.


A polished quartz worktop is the ultimate finisher for a contemporary look; offering a minimal style statement, but still delivering big impact. We recommend pairing grey polished colours with neutral tone slab kitchen styles for a pared back style that is on trend, but wont date.


Suede worktops have an ultra matt finish that definitely makes an impact. They can be coupled with high gloss units to contrast and balance light within the kitchen. Colours tend to be more natural, such as stone and sand, ideal for adding quality whilst not overpowering the design.

Quartz Countertops Features

As quartz is solid surface, there are a number of design features available which wooden tops can’t provide:

Recessed Sinks

As solid surfaces are water resistant, they can accommodate recessed sinks, which sit underneath the worktop. This is an ideal solution in a contemporary kitchen design which requires ‘minimal fuss’. Contrasting colours are also an option, stainless steel and matching styles are available.

Integrated Drainers

Some quartz worktops can be supplied and fitted with integrated draining areas, in the form of routed grooves. This increases their functionality, whilst still maintaining the understated look.

Rounded Edges

Looking to soften up your style a little? Try rounded edges on your quartz worktops for a different look. These are also worth considering in a family home too, as they are less likely to be caught by little ones!

How to Care For Quartz Countertops

On a daily basis, it’s a good idea to wipe all surfaces with warm soapy water or an antibacterial cleaner first, but remember, always check and spot test first!

There isn’t really too much else to worry about with a quartz worktop, as with most solid surface tops.

We hope our guide helps you decide whether quartz worktops are right for your kitchen. We do hope so, they really are a versatile and beautiful material, adding quality and style to any home. Please check out our entire range of HC Supplies Quartz Worktops and let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!


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