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Solid wood worktops buying guide

An introduction to solid wood worktops

Choosing a kitchen worktop is an exciting but big decision.  You’ll see it, and undoubtedly use it, every day and you’ll want to select one that lasts for years. We understand the need to get the worktop that’s right for you, and we understand how exciting it is finding the one! We stock a huge variety of types of wood, and each and every one of them is made to to the most exacting of standards, with a range of additional design options, so you know that your dream solid wood kitchen worktop is waiting for you.

Wood species

Solid wood kitchen worktops buying guide
Solid wood worktops can bring a touch of class to any kitchen.

We are delighted to be able to offer our customers solid wood kitchen worktops in Beech, Cherry, Iroko, Maple, Oak, Sapele, Teak, Walnut and Wenge. Our huge variety of wood species enables us to be confident that we’re the right match for any personal taste, kitchen style, or design fashion. Our Beech worktops and Oak worktops are also available in a rustic option, for you hipsters and cottage-style lovers, and our Walnut worktop is available in both a European and a Tiger option, catering to those who like a precise, tidy look and those who prefer their kitchen space to take a walk on the wild side!


Because we offer such a wide range of woods for your kitchen worktop, and because these gorgeous natural sources differ in their own species depending on where and when they were grown, there truly is an option for every space that’s just as individual as you are.

The colours differ, so you can go for a sleek, contemporary look with our Beech or Maple light-coloured hardwoods, a friendly, bustling feel with our Cherry or Oak mid-colour options, or the darker woods of Iroko, Sapele, or Walnut worktops bring class and grandeur to any space.

Beech has a less coarse grain than some other woods, making it a more tidy, slick style of worktop.  Unless of course you go for the Rustic option, which brings out the colour and features of this wood, making for a livelier version.

Cherry worktops are a great option for any home, but particularly when you’ve recently moved in, as the cheering warmth of the wood will age with you like a fine wine, becoming deeper and more luxuriant, though none the less inviting.

Iroko is a solid wood worktop option from Africa, and its lovely caramel colouring, rich and smooth, brings the sunshine and shade from its country of origin into your kitchen. It has a higher oil content than other woods, meaning it requires even less maintenance and will age well, taking on a beautiful bronze tone.

Maple wood worktops are a paler option, with a distinctive ripple pattern.  It is particularly enjoyed by those who wish for a sleeker look in their kitchen, and by those who want to achieve a calming, easy-going style.

solid oak kitchen worktops
Oak is a tried and tested favourite when it comes to kitchen worktops.

Oak is a tried and trusted throughout the ages option. The Natural version simply brings the timeless class we’ve come to know and love, and the Rustic version shows off the enhanced knots and patterns that Oak’s natural diversity can provide.

Sapele wood is another of our selections from Africa, and is a darker wood that is often used instead of mahogany.  Depending on which of our accessories options you choose, it can feel either simple and elegant, or grand and statesman-like.

Teak is a wood that is particularly prized for how well it changes tone over time.  It starts as a medium brown colour, golden in tone, and matures into a darker, richer honey- perfect for admiring at breakfast time!

Walnut comes in a variety of hues, right from a very light brown to a scrumptious chocolaty colour.  For a neater, more uniform look the European option is the right one for you, and for a more lively grain, the striped look of the Tiger wood is the one to select.

Because we use only the finest natural woods, our worktops are far from the dreaded cheap, artificial look.  We celebrate our resources and let the unique features of each worktop option show themselves at their best.


We are able to offer our solid wood kitchen worktops in a variety of sizes and measurements, as follows:


  • 2m
  • 3m
  • 4m


  • 640mm
  • 900mm


  • 27mm
  • 40mm
  • 60mm

Please note that this may vary with your specific choice but please get in touch with our friendly team and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Solid wood worktop accessories

To make sure that your marvellous solid wood worktop fits in with your vision for your kitchen, we also offer different accessory options.

You can choose an Upstand, a piece of

Walnut kitchen worktops
Our walnut kitchen worktops are available in either Euro or Tiger patterns.

wood that goes from the worktop surface up against the wall. This makes cleaning easier and shows off a bit more of your great selection!

You can also choose your edge detail, from looking sharp to cosying up and several variations in-between.

Your Return End is the connection between the sides of your worktop and once again you can choose whichever look best matches your tastes, your kitchen, and your solid wood worktop.

You can also select your cut-out points for things like oven hobs and sinks, personalising your worktop to your needs.

What are the benefits of choosing a solid wood worktop?

  • There’s a colour and grain to suit every taste
  • Wood is easy to maintain and beautiful to look at
  • They can be simple or statement pieces
  • They improve with age
  • Solid wood worktops have been shown to add value to your home—not that you’ll want to move with a kitchen this beautiful!

Shop solid wood worktops

So you’ve find out all the facts, why not shop our range of solid wood worktops today?

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Solid wood worktops buying guide
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