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You may be finding it difficult to decide between ceramic sinks, or porcelain sinks, as these materials look so similar. Porcelain sinks, although usually manufactured using a denser material than ceramic, are also more expensive than ceramic. Ceramic sinks can be just as durable as porcelain sinks, and the HC Supplies range is certainly guaranteed to be long lasting. We have an excellent catalogue of ceramic sinks, including sinks from big brand names such as Astracast, Rangemaster, and Bretton Park. Ceramic sinks are just as beautiful as porcelain sinks, and as they are cheaper are the sensible choice.

Should you decide that you would rather spend less on quality designer brands than porcelain kitchen sinks, you will discover an amazing array of styles from which to choose, right here on the HC Supplies website. Is your heart set on a modern sink, quite different from other models? Take a look at the Astracast Cascade bowl and drainer in black ceramic. Do you prefer tradtional style sinks? Opt for the Bretton Park Sienna sink, which much like the porcelain kitchen sinks of yesteryear is hardwearing, and beautifully contoured to create an extremely beautiful sink.

There is no denying that porcelain sinks can be stunning, and so too can cermic sinks, especially the range we stock at HC Supplies. However, porcelain sinks are considerably more expensive than our range of captivating ceramic sinks, which is why you should consider purchasing one of our cut price models today! Favouring ceramic over porcelains sinks allows you to take advantage of our massive savings, with many sinks being offered at less than half of the recommended retail price. Put aside your initial wish for porcelain sinks and discover just how amazing ceramic sinks can be!

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Want To Know More About Ceramic And Porcelain Sinks?

Our teams are extremely experienced and knowledgable, so if you have any questions with regards to any of our products, or any questions regarding porcelain sinks in particular, just give us a call. You can also contact us via the online form, or nip into our showroom in Doncaster for a chat with our helpful sales advisers.